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I've a confession to make: my mother hates Stargate. I've managed to get her to watch "Rising" with me and say it's tollerable, but, for the most part, she's a Star Trek fan all the way. Granted, I'm a huge Trekkie too and, when I was three, once recited the whole "These are the Voyages..." speech instead of the Pledge of Allegance... but the Stargate franchise has grown on me since I picked it up all of eight months ago. (Well, not SGU, but I dare anyone to watch "Earth" and not have severe grossed-out feelings.)

So, the point of all this is, Mom was feeling guilty about my apparent derth of Xmas presents and, when she went into the Big City with Dad today, picked up seasons 4, 5, and 6 of SG1 for me from the used bookstore. Granted, it was with store credit my 1000 or so sold books provided her, but it's the thought that counts.

I also so just made her watch "Small Victories" with me. She fell asleep. But I enjoyed it. In my own personal head-canon, I'm fairly certain Carter and O'Neill start their against-regs relationship at somepoint between "Nemesis" and "Small Victories," when they're off-world for that week or so, so that always makes "Small Victories" a good episode to rewatch. And Carter hugging Thor... and spitting out his favourite yellow food... And Thor in general....

Yeah. I love the Asgard. And Mom, for providing me with Asgard-watching ability - three lovely seasons worth, all for around $15.
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That's awesome :D Nobody in my family is into scifi but me, so it's always interesting to tell them what I'm watching/buying XD It's awesome that she bought those for you, and tried watching them with you~
Yeah. I went down stairs to watch more of S4 earlier, and she was watching the American version of Being Human marathon on SyFy... I think if I can get her to watch enough episodes, she'll actually really like the series... Though I held off watching them myself 'cause I thought they'd be a lot worse than they turned out to be, so I can get where she's coming from.
I'm less sure about SG-1, but I do know that SGA is campy and ridiculous, so it's not to everyone's taste. When I watch a show, it's more for the characters than anything.

If you do ever get her to watch, I hope she likes XD
SGA takes itself far more seriously than SG1 does, I think. And that about says it all really...

But, no, I'm fairly certain the first SG1 episode I ever saw was "2001," which is just about the hallmark of unfortunate SG1 episodes. Well, after the pilot... and the third one, whatever it was called... and "Hathor"... and the Teal'c-turns-into-an-insect one.... and, well, a lot of the early ones.
Teal'c turns into a bug too? I didn't mind the pilot, but Hathor bored me, so I skipped most of the episode >_____>
The only part of "Hathor" I liked was the whole "... she's the goddess of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll..." line. And, yeah, Teal'c turns into a wasp or something season 2 or so, and is saved by a young girl living rough in Colorado Springs who Jack somehow knows and later gives a watergun. I fast forwarded through most the rest...

And the pilot... the whole "genitals on the outside" speech had me rolling my eyes, and I never did get why Teal'c believed Jack could beat Apophis more than anyone else could. After all, he's only a lowly Tau'ri and had the misfortunte of getting himself captured, so he can't have been all that great a warrior...
Yeah, the sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll line was great XD Okaaay re: Teal'c as a wasp. lol your summary of the episode makes it seem so very cracky: a young girl Jack somehow knows and later gives a watergun...lolawt.

The "genitals on the outside" speech seems to be pretty popular amongst fans. I've seen videos of Amanda Tapping giving that speech a lot (and she did when I saw he IRL, too). That's an excellent point - just what was it about SG-1 that made Teal'c believe them capable above all others? Interesting. I wonder if there are any fics that address that?
IDK. But I'm very much not a Teal'c fan - I fast forward through all his episodes, even the one with Jolene Bolack in it, though I'm a HUGE T'Pol fan - so I'm not even going near that one.

And, as for crack, I can reduce almost anything to it, if you give me enough time.
Teal'c is...okay. None of the SG-1 characters have grabbed me like the SGA ones did - the one I'm most fond of is Jack, though. His sarcasm makes me smile.

lol I have no doubt!
Jack is cool. Would be cashiered out of the military 5x over in RL, but cool as anything. Sam I like most the time, and even Daniel grew on me... but you're right. SGA has more engaging charecters.
I don't imagine John would have have stuck around the military for too long either, given his somewhat anti-orders sentiment. I like Sam, so far. I mean, I'm only in S2, and so far I don't quite understand why everyone is like OMG SAM SAM! but I'm sure I'll get there :) Daniel is meh, he's cute and he has his moments.
Daniel never grew on me until after Sha're kicked the bucket. After that, he was tolerable. It was kinda the same way with Sam too, though she's the coolest, in my opinion, after she hits major.

And Jack? I imagine he sticks around the AF for much the same reason John does - though, honestly, I think it's more serving one's country on Jack's part than John's, even if both of them are antiestablishment.... Like, I think Jack joined up b/c Vietnam, out of duty, and stayed because it was a) a career and b) let him fly planes. John, I think, joined up mostly for the planes, and to piss off his father.
I'm hoping they'll grow on me to the point where I feel the urge to marathon SG-1 XD

I agree with your reasoning behind Jack and John's motivations :)
Once I hit the S3 finale, I pretty much binged on the series until the start of S7 - like watched the entirety of those seasons in 4 days total. Hopefully once you hit that bit, you'll feel the same way.
Le sigh. It's late and I just got off work. TTFN