So, my family's really never made a big deal of Christmas, but this year I think qualifies as our best yet. Sure, my sister was here (ie, not fun), but otherwise it was pretty amazing.

We got Dad a nerf gun, as he's always complaining about the grey cat that sneaks into our yard and steals our cats' food, and let me tell you, you've never seen a man approaching 50 so excited about a toy gun. It's one of the big, almost sub-machine ones too, and 23 years in the army have made him really, really good with it too. Anyway, the nerf idea snowballed from there, and the rest of us all ended up with smaller, one-handed nerf guns too... and the nerf carnage was brutal.

But, yeah, it was fun. I actually got to have chocolate for the first time since Thanksgiving (curse you, diet) and, oddly enough, got like 8 pairs of earings and not really much else. I'll be happier when my sister goes home, and maybe after I get a chance to nap, but right now I've a chance to write, a cooperative muse, and no work to go to, so things are good. So...

Happy holidays to all of you celebrating one today and, for those of you who aren't, enjoy your (hopeful) day off.
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Have a good one!

(Have had five bars of chocolate. Not feeling too good!!)
Happy Christmas, glad to hear that you had a good one. :-) I still owe you fb on the third installment and I'm sorry I haven't send it yet. Work was just insane the days before Christmas and I'm still not through with the family festivities. But I haven't forgotten. *g*
No rush. As long as I get fedback...

Though I still need to finish writing the third installment, so I think you have time.

Enjoy your Xmas.