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So, while I was on the tredmill today, I watched "Progeny" and both parts of "The Return" in prep for those Ancient!John 'verse stories. Well, mostly. Either way, I then found myself with the need for a name for the main creator of the Asurans... and, well, this is the result:

A family tree for the Ancient!John 'verse:

Now, the sad thing is I mostly had all of this figured out already in one of my story notebooks... I only had to look up Pictish/Gaelic names for Ianus' family after the Exodus, on Earth. (PS, I've Ianus setting up camp in Linne Mhoireibh, which is known as Moray Firth, Scotland in English... because with Carson being Scottish and O'Neill being of Gaelic orgin as well, I figured, if Ianus is the forefather of the ATA gene in Terrans in this 'verse, why not have him move there, thus making the gene more promient in people from that area due to interbreeding and whatnot among his descendents)

Anyway, as I understand this is a bit of a confusing picture, particularly with the Alteran naming conventions I've adopted, here's a bit of a primer and then the written-out version.

Atleran names have up to four parts: nomen, gens, cognomen, and dignitas. This roughly translates to first name, last name, nickname, and title. So if you were General Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill, the Alteran form of it would be Jonathan O'Neill Jack General. This is adapted from Latin naming conventions.

Dignitas on this family tree include: pastor (see fic), tribunus/tribuna (major/lieutenant colonel), legatus/legata (lieutenant colonel/full-bird colonel), navarchus/navarcha (ship's captain), magister (teacher/professor), and rector (dean of an instituion/head of R&D).


Iohannes Ianidus Licinus Pastor is John Sheppard in this 'verse. He is the son of Ianus Ishachidus Ianitos Rector (Janus) and Alianora Cado Trebal Legata.

Ianus was the only son of Beatrix Aona Nebriae Tribuna and Ishachus Ival Magister. During his exile on Earth, he married the Terran Mael Murie and had one son, Davidus Constantin (David Constantine), with her.

Davidus Constantin had four children: Constantin Iain (Constantine John), Iseabal Liusaidh (Eleanor Louise), Catriona Mael (Catherine Mael), and Iagen Daibhidh (Ianus David).

Constantin Iain had two children: Constantin Daibhidh (Constantine David), who would go on to be one of the direct male-line ancestors of Jack O'Neill, and Ealasid Seaonag (Elizabeth Joan), who would be the direct female-line ancestor of Carson Beckett.

Ishachus was the younger son of Davidus Ival Magister. Davidus Ival's other son is Elernus Ival Asuras Rector.

Elernus married his research assistant, Olethea Nydia. Their only child was Danielia Ival Helia Navarcha.

Alianora was the younger daughter of Constantina Cado Historica and Festus Alder Tribunus. Their other child was Catalina Cado Historica.

Festus was the younger son of Iohannes Alder Legatus and Ilaria Noval Pastor, who was the woman to pilot Atlantis from Terra to Lantea in 8343 BC. Their other child was Antonious Alder Navarchus.

*Dabs brow*

Basically what this amounts to is that, by the end, everyone left on Atlantis towards the end of the war was related to each other. Very releated to each other. Ie, no one alive by that time was more than third cousins with anyone else. Granted, on Earth, everyone alive is fortieth cousins or less with everyone else, but still...

The upshot of all of this is, if you can read between the names, every major Ancient we encounter in SGA is on here, in one way or another.... and that I really, really need to get a life.

(PS, the dates on the tree couldn't be changed from BCE/CE in my family tree maker program. Assume for these purposes BCE means before Atlantis left Terra and CE means Aetaes Lanteae, ie, years after Atlantis landed on Lantea.)

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After I got off the tredmill (noonish) I was going to write. And then I did this til about 4, and then I tried to write and didn't get as much as I hoped done before 5, when it was time for dinner, and then I had to be at work at 6 and only got off about 15 min ago... ie, 2:45am.

I also streamlined the timeline, making it easier to find things, so I guess spending 4 hours combined on that and this isn't so bad... until you take into account that the only reason I have the family tree maker program is for my stories, and that I've never gotten around to doing my own family tree on it...

le sigh. Glad you liked it though.
It was mostly just for fun. Oh, it'll come in handy for certain episodes - "Aurora" and "The Return"... but mostly it's just be being crazy
*blushes* Thanks. You don't want to see the madness that has become the ever-evolving Timeline for this thing. Well, you might, but it's mostly just be going overboard with my love of databases and cross-references.

Good news, though: I managed some solid progress on "Socii" last night after work, and would've done more if I'd been able to keep my eyes open, so, yeah.
I've been distracted by a side-story to the main one... you've been warned.

(You know you're bored at work when you come up with a 1) Sam POV story, 2) Lorne POV story, and an 3) Elizabeth POV story, all in one day)
Oh yes. I'm on Q&A (cleaning) all week, so expect more madness. I'm also debating about killing of Kaanan later and having Teyla get together with Woolsey, a la that SGA Santa fic, just 'cause I found the idea so novel; trying to think of someone for Lorne, and maybe shooting myself in the foot, 'cause I can't decide if Elizabeth's story should be before or after the "Aurora" rewrite.
Oh, whoa. Teyla/Woolsey kind of blows my mind. I didn't read that fic, since I'm very much John/Rodney centric, but the idea is...interesting. I've seen Sheppard/Woolsey fics as well.

I've seen Lorne paired with various people, mostly men, lol. Elizabeth seems to be the most popular female, with Teyla in second.
I only read the Teyla/Woolsey one because I figured I just had to see if it was even possible, but the author, whoever it was, actually made me like and, what more, believe the pairing. And that's almost enough to make me want to see if I can do half as well at it...

But, again, that's an S5 question. I'm just struggling to finish S2 before I get too many thousand words more in... Though S2 is so chock full of potential Ancient!John fun...

I've already settled on my Elizabeth idea, and it's rather Lorne free. As for Lorne himself, I'm thinking an OC at the moment, though that might change, depending on how I decide to work the whole Carson/Cadman thing...
Hmm. Okay, you've kind of convinced me to find it and read it - I'm so *curious*. That curiosity, let me tell you, has led me to some BAD, BAD (imo) situations. I cannot look at Todd the Wraith anymore, for example.

I'm sorry. I wish I could be more helpful, but I really just want to say, "Just go for it! Use that potential!"

You'll come up with something, and it will be good.
IDK. I'll make my decision on Teyla/Woolsey when it gets closer to that point in the series. But the SGA Santa fic is definately worth the read, so please do.

As for Lorne and Elizabeth, I think I might finish up S2 and come back and write their stories later, but I'll have to see how I feel about that. I'm almost done with my Sam POV, and my bigest issue is to whether to publish it as part of my drabble collection on AO3 or as it's own seperate story in the 'verse, as it's almost 3K now.

But I really should run. I just got off the work and the tredmill is calling my name for the next 2hrs or so, so... ttfn.
I appreciate you posting this and leaving access open, as I've come back to it a few times while reading your series, and it is very helpful just to get a general feel and to get my bearings again if I get confused. (which doesn't happen often, thanks to your writing being very followable!)

And in case I forget AGAIN to leave you comments expressing my utter devotion and affection and respect for your writing in this 'verse, please let me say it now: this is a WONDERFUL series, and it touches on so many serious themes and just says so much without saying it outright. I love it COMPLETELY. Though the first two times I couldn't read it all. I still haven't read all that's posted yet, but I'm going to really try this time. The last time I tried, I was pretty devastated after the thing with Lorne witnessing John taking Rodney's memories again and had to quit because OUCH. But I'm going to keep going this time. Onward! The only way is through! :D
It does get pretty painful in places - but don't worry. You're just about at the top of Mount Angst. Everything from the season three finale on is downhill, far as angst is concerned. At least, that's what I claim. Others don't agree.

But yea. I keep all my notes up, though sometimes I revamp them and make them more user friendly. I'm currently trying to figure out a better way to do the timelines... but it's taking some time.

I hope you continue to enjoy and that you stop by and say hi now and then.

As this is a reread, I'm going from the very beginning onward, so I'm right now at the part where they are approaching the Aurora and John hasn't mentioned the tiny, insignificant detail of STASIS PODS. I want to shake him, sometimes, and yet I totally get it, too.

I'm looking forward to getting to the top of Mount Angst and reading everything after, because it will be new to me AND hopefully help me deal with the utter heartbreak the previous reading inflicted on me. :P

(so good omg, I love your writing, the way you present your plot, the various POVs, and everyone's characterizations which are drawn so masterfully)

You've no idea how much I needed to hear that today. As popkin16 can tell you, my writing process alternates between manic and depressive. And this week's been the later.

But you know John. He doesn't talk about anything unless under significant duress. Enjoy your reread!
I understand about writing woes (oh dear lord yes), and I am happy that I've (hopefully) contributed to your depressive writing cycle lightening up a bit. I hope!