Caffine Withdrawl

So, I've been in a mood for a couple days now, and I've finally come to the conclusion I'm going through massive caffine withdrawl. Which is riddiculous, as I've pretty much given it up since July... But I guess it's been out of my system for so long that the little bit I had the other day was enough to send me into a whirlpool of caffine-craving for the past two days.

Which sucks, 'cause it makes it impossible to write, and all I want to do is use my morning/afternoon to myself to write. Le sigh.

So, since I can't write, I'm watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon and wondering, with so many seasons of all the incarnations of L&O, why is there so little decent fic for it? I've looked too, on AO3 and lj. Not that it's something I want enough to write myself, but as crack to read on an off day... well, that'd be nice.
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I'm sorry you're having such a crappy time of it :( When I had my gallbladder taken out, I went 4 days without eating or drinking. I had a hell of a headache, and part of it was going so long without food, but part of it was also the caffeine withdrawal. So I empathize, if only a little.

My mom *just* got into L&O: SVU. It's probably just the reruns they're showing, but it seems like that guy's kids are often involved in bad things.
Yeah, his kids are always up to something after they reach teenagerdom... But, personally, I think it would've been more interesting, and realistic, if he and his wife had split up instead of having baby number #5.

But whatever. I'm mostly out of my funk now, though I'm tired as anything and freezing cold, and hopefully I'll be able to write some this weekend. Or maybe someone will come out with a nice, long, new McShep fic. That would be nice too.
Considering how many problems the children they already have were (are?) experiencing, more children doesn't seem like the right decision.

I'm glad you're out of your funk :) And sga_santa should begin posting soon, so there's that :D
there is that... which is something, at least.

But whatever. I managed 7 hours of uninterupted sleep, which is something these days, so I'm feeling bright and cheery right now. So, hopefully, after I do the errands I've got to do today, I'll be able to get some writing done.

I hope you got some writing done; either way, good luck :) Writing is difficult.

At least now you know why you've been feeling moody.

As for long mcshep, secret santa will be out soon, so if you can just hold on a little longer...