The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #14

So, the effort to find a job with a salary I can actually live off of has just been stepped up: my parents have just bought a house up in the mountains, for their semi-retirement, and, despite the fact they won't close on it til mid-January and don't plan on listing our house until mid-March or so, the fact remains that I am not welcome at the new house.

Well, that's not exactly true. I am welcome. I'm just highly encouraged to have found alternate housing arangements before then.

Which isn't so bad. I've been trying to move out of my parents house for ages now. The last time I tried, I got laid-off a week before my move-in date, and have only recently found a replacement job. Problem is that I don't even make enough money a month at my job at the grocery store to qualify for those call us up now and we'll loan you money commercials you see on TV, which means I certainly don't have enough to get housing of my own. Add in the fact that the nearest apartments and other semi-affordable housing in my very rural area are prohibtively far away, and, well, you can see my problem.

Good news is I have a pre-inverveiw thing tomorrow up in the Big City. If it goes well, I should know whether I have the job before the end of the year, and it certainly will pay enough for me to find alternative housing arangements to a not-so-large bedroom in my parents house. The guy I've been speaking to about it seems to think they won't be able to hire me fast enough, which is good, but there are still hoops that need to be jumped through. So, wish me luck.
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I hope so too. The guy pretty much said I'll get in after he submits the paperwork, but 'cause of Xmas I probably won't find out until Jan. It's annoying as anything and I know I should be happy but I'm not. In fact, I'm in a pointless bad mood, and I'm getting annoyed by people telling me to cheer up... and I just need to find some good fic and chill before work.
Waiting sucks.

I was wondering something the other day while out shopping. If you work in a store and you have to listen to XMas music all day, does it make you want to strangle somebody? Because it would probably do that to me!

You need something to vent on e.g. write something where John and Rodney (or insert fandom choice here) get to kick ass and blow something up!

It doesn't have to be good enough to post either, or that'll just ramp the stress back up again.
I would, but I've been working on part 2 of "Socii" instead, and I think my mood's become more meloncoly than kick-some-ass. Well, that, and I have to leave for work soon.

Well, in the muzac's defense, it's better than the muzac at my last job, but it's still pretty awful. And they cut in all the time with the same two or three commericals about how great our store is... But, mostly, it makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

The worst part is, it's all on a loop, and when you listen to the same songs over and over again late at night, you start reading things into it. I, for instance, have ended up trying to think of McSheplets for each and every song.... But that's what I do.
Oh dear, sounds like a serious whump alert for the next chapter.

I love the idea of McSheplets for each song though. Funny you should mention that, was chatting earlier to a friend about the best music to listen to while writing fan fiction (specifically porn)
I don't know about whump (I've always been hazy as to the exact definition, only that some authors use it to mean outright vilifiying of a certain charecter), but it gets a bit, well, fluffy actually. Even fluffier than drabble #7.

As for songs... IDK. I find myself listening to Verticle Horizon's "You're a God" a lot when writing this 'verse - particularly Rodney's POV. And I've come to realize that RHCP's "Under the Bridge" is a perfect Iohannes & Atlantis song, but other than that... it depends on what my mood is. And, lately, my mood has been a lot of Airborne Toxic Event.