The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #13

Some observations from the past few days:

1) People are idiots. Most especially the ones that shop at the grocery store in which I work. If the tag says the price is $5.49, then the price is $5.49 for one box of cereal. I do not care if there is a 2 for $6 deal going on. One box of cereal is $5.49 and two boxes are $6. A BOGO does not mean the product is half-off, no matter how much you try. And, besides, does anyone really need 27.5 ounces of Lucky Charms?
2) The week after Thanksgiving is slow, with tiny trucks. Even still, I've discovered I walk an average of 4 miles a night for my job.
3) I was reading "Soraya Didn't Have To Deal With This" on AO3 earlier tonight and my lasting question from it is, if Meredith is a unisex name, and you're the third ruler to use that name, if the two rulers with that name before you were women, would you still be King Meredith III?
4) I went to the used bookstore on Monday with 7 laundry baskets and 1 cardboard box of books as part of my massive housecleaning effort (said books, purchased over the last 8 years, for the most part, represent the part of my library I can bear to part with). Of these nearly thousand books, all but 1 laundry basket was able to be traded in. The downside of this is that I had to wait around for them to sort through all these books, and it turns out that even I have limits to how long I can spend in a bookstore.
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Oh, crap. I haven't read Soraya Didn't Have to Deal With This - which is a call for celebration, because YAY! UNREAD FIC! And it's *long*!

But now I'm paranoid about what other long fics are on AO3 that I haven't read and aren't aware exists.

I really love cereal. Kind of an alarming amount, really. I would totally buy 27.5 ounces of Lucky Charms. I am, however, perfectly aware of how BOGO works. *sighs heavily* sometimes this world, these people...I despair.
It only came out like the day before yesterday on AO3, so don't worry too much. There are some long ones on there, I've found, that don't exist on lj, but not many.

And it's not just that the woman I was arguin with didn't know how BOGO works, it was how militantly she believed she was right and I was wrong. Sadly, she's a nice example of all the shining paragons of society that I am privillaged to stock ceral and bake items (as well as the occasional juice and/or snack product) for.

And don't get me started on the number of people who don't know where the popcorn/nuts/vinegar are. We don't move the things. You'd think after 10 years they'd get that. But no...

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Okay, good. *relieved* Every now and then I go through AO3 and check for new, long fics - it's how I found this one, but I haven't done it in awhile.

I wish I could say that it'll get better, but it really won't. Sorry you have to deal with that, though!

Don't you have signs hanging over the aisles, too? It should at least give them an idea of where to look...
We have signs, yes. But whatever. I know that my job is menial and the customers who shop there are the crusty stuff on the scumb on humanity's shoe, but what can you do? I'm in the process of looking for something better, but until then, money is money...

Oh well. What can you do?
Yeah. But I've got a pre-interview thing next monday that I'm excited about, one that could open up a lot of possibilities, so I'm dealing. I just hope I get it.
I think the woman was haggling on the off chance that it might work - some people are just like that.

I found a website once with Welsh boys and girls names, and according to that Meredith was a girls name and there was a similar boy's name Meridith.

I haven't done much research on the history of the name, but it's easy to imagine how English speaking people got the spellings mixed up and forgot it was two different names in the original Welsh.

Poor Rodney, getting dumped with a girl's name because one of his ancestors couldn't spell!
I've done research too - Meredith, according to what I found, the name (or, at least, the male version of it) is dervived from the Latin Moreducus, and was a fairly popular name until the 19th century or so. As is sometimes the case, Meredith was also used as a last name, which then became used as a female first name, as sometimes happens.

I think his parents were just trying to be pretentious pricks myself.

But, no, the woman wasn't haggling. She clearly thought 2 for $6 meant that it was alos 1 for $3. I'd another woman last night who asked me if jewish food could be found in the international foods section. I told kosher foods were scattered througout the store. She nodded, then went one asile over and asked the stocker there the same question, loudly enough that I couldn't help but overhear. Don't give these people any more credit than they deserve.