The Atlantis Experiment: The Cover-Up Corollary

Title: The Atlantis Experiment: The Cover-Up Corollary
Rating: PG
Words: 1,258
Pairing/Charecter(s): Ancient!John, Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstader, Sam Carter; background John/Rodney, Sam/Jack
Warnings/Spoliers: Stargate: Atlantis/The Big Bang Theory crossover. Chronologically, this place post-S5 of SGA, when Atlantis is on Earth, ostensibly in the "Ancient!John 'verse, though it can be read as otherwise; as far as BBT goes, it can take place at really any time in the series; takes place after The Spin-Off Postulate and The Beaming Reaction
Disclaimer: All characters, situations, quotes et al are properties of their respective owners and I am merely using them under Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine, without intents to infringe upon or defame anyone's legal rights.
Summary: We're in outer space.
Notes: I don't know who to blame for this one. Maybe myself, for rewatching the orginal Star Wars trilogy and deciding Carrie Fisher would make a good Elizabeth for Pegasus X-treme. The whole cast of charector's is here. And thanks to everyone who did their best to cheer me up yesterday. It really helped!

The Atlantis Experiment

The Cover-Up Corollary

"We're in outer space."

Colonel Sheppard raises his eyebrow to a height Leonard's never seen outside of science-fiction. "Yes."

"How are we in outer space?"

"Asgard beaming technology." This means absolutely nothing to Leonard. The Colonel, apparently, sees this and takes pity upon him, and explaining, "Basically, our bodies were just torn apart at the atomic level, carried in a high-compression data stream about two hundred miles straight up, to the Hammond in orbit, and resembled," as he takes a chair from a near by table and spins it around. "Think," he concludes, sitting in it backwards, "Star Trek, only without the mirror universes whenever something goes wrong. And things rarely ever go wrong with the beam itself; the Asgard perfected the design twenty million years ago."

"Ah," he says again. "What's an Asgard?"

"A highly advanced race from the Ida galaxy. Well, they call it Ida. I think you lot call it the Antlia Dwarf galaxy. They're basically like the Nahuatl in Wormhole X-treme, only grey. Well, were, anyway."

"Were?" he repeats faintly. Leonard has always assumed aliens existed, somewhere, but are either single-celled extremophiles that humans wouldn't discover for hundreds of years yet, or are so highly advanced that, even if they could cross the interstellar distances separating them in a reasonable time frame, they don't think humanity is worth the bother. The idea that they did consider it worth is is, well, almost more startling than the beaming technology. After all, Star Trek prepared him for transporters, but not for aliens visiting pre-warp societies and letting themselves be featured on the SyFy channel.

"They kinda did the whole ritual suicide thing-"

"Stop!" Sheldon cries out. He doesn't look like he's going to faint any more, but he's clapping his hands over his ears and saying, "Stop! Stop!"

Amused, Sheppard asks, "Why?"

"I don't want to hear any spoilers."

This pulls Leonard out of his own I'm in space, there are such things as aliens stupor, enough so that when he turns and says, "Sheldon!" he sounds vaguely back to normal. "We've just learned that everything we ever imagined is true and you don't want to hear any more for fear of spoilers?"

"Don't worry," says a voice from the door – a woman in a dark blue flight suit with a long, blonde braid down her back and a pair of patches on her chest proclaiming her both Colonel Samantha Carter and a member of the USS George Hammond's crew, "there's very little direct correlation between the us and the shows.

"Don't listen to her. Sam's just bitter because they make her character out to be a – how did you put it?" Colonel Sheppard breaks into a wide grin as he laughs, "Oh, yes – space bimbo."

"That's a riot coming from you, Kirk."

"Hardly," he says dryly, completely forgetting Leonard and Sheldon. "Anyway, I know I'm here because my meeting with the president went over-"

"They have a tendency to do that," Sam nods understandingly.

"-and I needed to get these two marked off the list before heading back, 'cause I promised Rodney and Radek they wouldn't have to deal with Doctor Cooper until they absolutely had to... So," he says, ignoring Sheldon's protestation of hey, as he continues, "that's why I'm here. Aren't you supposed to be on leave this week? Something about a cabin in Missouri or Mississippi or-?"

"Minnestoa," Colonel Carter corrects with a sigh. "But Jack's fielding calls from various IOA representatives who're angry we're putting another American in your old position. So we figured, why not wait until he's not going to be on the phone every five minutes putting out fires? We've only been putting it off for for months already."

With more seriousness than someone in an American military uniform should have, Sheppard asks, "Would it help any if I defected to Canada? Rodney's finally stopped pestering me about it, so now would be the perfect time to do it."

She snorts. "Probably not, no. Then they'd just be on the phone complaining about having two Canadians in key positions, rather than two Americans. So," she says, seeming to finally remember he and Sheldon are in the room, "welcome to the Hammond. I'm Colonel Samantha Carter, her commander."

"But, more importantly," Colonel Sheppard interrupts, "she's the basis for Alexandria Monroe in Wormhole X-treme."

"John!" she admonishes-

-but he continues undeterred, his smile growing bigger, if at all possible, "And her husband's the man behind Nick Danning."

Leonard's still gaping (and Sheldon appears to be choking on all the things he wants to ask the basis for Alexandria Monroe, whose science is almost as flimsy as some of the costumes they had her wear in the earlier seasons), when Carter turns on Sheppard. He expects her to look angry, or annoyed, or something, but she just looks amused, "You know, I'm starting to get why you insist on telling that to every fanboy you recruit – I don't suppose you've told them which character is based on you yet?"

Sheppard's face immediately looses any hint of amusement it had a moment before. "You wouldn't."

"Turnabout's fair play."

"Yes but-"

"They're going to find out eventually."

"But you know they'll have questions, and I'm running late enough as it is – and you don't want to do that to Rodney. I mean, 'Lantis has been bad enough, complaining about being back on Terra-"

"Fine, I'll take custody of them, "she says, raising one hand to the earwig Leonard just now realized he was wearing. " Collins? Beam Colonel Sheppard back to his previous coordinates, will you? Yes, just Sheppard. Thanks Collins."

Sheppard is beamed away in a flash of white light even before she finishes her sentence.

"You've got to show me how that works," Leonard finds himself saying.

"Physicist then?"

"Experimental. Sheldon over there is theoretical. I'm Leonard, by the way. Leonard Hofstader."

"I'm an astrophysicist myself... The show got that much right, at least. Actually," she sits on one of the nearby benches and gestures at them to join her, only mildly concerned when Sheldon starts going from seat to seat in attempt to find his spot, "there is pretty much a one-to-one correlation with the show and the Stargate Program. Oh, they've changed a lot of stuff to make it action-packed TV drama and all that, but the Asgard were the Nahuatl on the show; the Ancients are the Old Ones. The person they – loosely – based on me is Alex Monroe. And I'm relatively certain the character in Pegasus X-treme they fashioned after him is called Mike, or Micaelis, or-"

Sheldon beats him to the question. "You mean Major Mike Shepherd is Colonel John Sheppard?"


"But Major Shepherd on Pegasus X-treme is an alien. A ten-thousand-year-old alien."

Carter can't stop grinning. "Exactly."

Sheldon looks like he's about to hyperventilate, and Leonard's finding it rather hard to breathe himself. "You're saying," he manages slowly, "that Colonel Sheppard is an alien?"

"Technically he's a highly-advanced evolution of our own form, his race having seeded a couple dozen galaxies with devolved forms of their own genetic coding sixty-five million or so years ago, but... yeah. He's an alien."

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Oh my god, here, have my profession of love, I can't keep it to myself anymore: I love you! This fic is brilliant!
thanks. I've been told I bear a striking (personality) resemblance to Sheldon before. As well as to various robots and Vulcans throughout SyFy.
Sheldon covering his ears because he doesn't want spoilers - ROFL

This is great.

Was this the story you were trying to write before, when your muses went missing?

no. that was my sga santa. this is what happened after my muses returned for a while. le sigh
I'm curious, who are you muses anyway?

I mostly write SGA, so my main muses are Rodney and John. I got Rodney first, and John turned up sometime after, although he tends to wander off a lot.

I've a revolving door of muses - I think that's my primary muse problem. Lately it's been mainly Rodney and Ancient!John, but I've had Sam and Jack stop by for a while (and pester me about a story of theirs I really need to write), as well as various members of the Star Trek franchise...

But, honestly? I hated Rodney when he first showed up in SG1, by by the end of S1 of SGA he became one of my favourites... John I think I was attached to from the start, though, again, I've been looking at him through Ancient-coloured glasses for a while. So... It's special.

And now (ick) for work.
I must admit, I've grown rather fond of Ancient!John.

I saw SGA first. It was one summer when I was stuck at home with an ankle in a cast and nothing to do but watch catch up episodes. I saw each season compressed into two weeks. John would have been the obvious favorite, because of the general hotness of Joe F., but Rodney was the character I connected with.
I connect with Rodey more myself, but, in SG1, you've got to admit his charecter is pretty un-likable. Particularly in "48 Hours".

But, literally, on the 1st of May of this year, I was bored, so I pulled up SG1 on Netflix and watched the entire series in 21 days. SGA took longer - about 6 weeks - but only because my dad was home for a while then and he's a tendency to kick me out of the house for hours on end when he's home... But, yeah. I think I watched the entirety of SG1 S4 in 1.5 days...
Rodney does have his character flaws, but if your characters are too perfect, they can be boring and two dimensional. David manages to bring a lot of warmth to Rodney's character, so we see the generous heart beating under that prickly exertior.

I agree with you that younger Rodney did behave badly in 48 hours. However that episode does look a lot different if you were an SGA fan before you were an SG1 fan.

Think of it like this. A younger version of your hero Rodney appears for the first time in SG1. You're thinking - "Hey, Rodney's arrived, he'll help Sam save the day now."
However, that's not how it goes down at all. The SGC are automatically suspicious of Rodney because he's with the NID agent. Then at lunch he finds out they're serving lemon chicken. Is it really surprising that this younger Rodney reacts by being rude and snarky?

Anyway, later on in "Redemption" the SG1 viewers got to see a different side of Rodney, and Sam ended up forgiving him after he helped save Jack's life.
Yeah, I agree with you. In light of SGA, "48 hours" reads very differently. But I won't deny that, when I was first watching that epsidoe, I was actually kinda disapointed he *wasn't* and evil goa'uld spy.

But whatever. Like I said, his charecter grew on me. Just not in SG1. Like today, I was rewatching "Lifeline" and "First Contact" and "The Lost Tribe" today, and, well, there was the requisite go Rodney-ness from my department.
He certainly would have made a pretty goa'uld back then, when he still had all the hair. We're really lucky he wasn't taken as a host!

After watching Duet, you can't help wondering what would have happened if Rodney got stuck with a Tok'ra in his head instead of Sam!
It's not a common genre, is it? I tried writing one myself once, but I never got round to finishing it. My hard drive is a burial ground for overly ambitious plot bunnies.
I've recently had to go through and delete a whole bunch of my own graveyard to clear room on my harddrive. It's very sad. But, what can you do? I like the idea, but have very few ideas on how it could work. Of course, now that I've said that I'll probably go into work tonight and spend the entire night trying to figure out a way. That's what usually happens when I declare a plot-bunny almost-impossible.
*__* I love you for doing this! No really!

And then Sheldon and Leonard are gonna figure out that Rodney's whoever he is in Pegasus X-Treme and is in a relationship with John XD

And have Rodney and Radek dealt with Sheldon before?? Or have they heard of him?? I'd like to think that Rodney would hold his own against Sheldon :P

Hope to see more of this. Maybe I will when I eventually make it through all of this, as for now, unread portions of this 'verse ;)
this is all she wrote so far, but maybe I'll do more. maybe after I finish "legati"... hmmm.

anyway, you'll see what happens when I finally write it, i promise.