The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #12

Work sucks.

Work really sucks.

People are preparing for Thanksgiving like it's the armagedon or something. I actually heard a woman ask her family if an 18lb turkey would be enough because it would mean there'd be only two lbs of turkey per person.

And, god, people and their kids and their loud conversations in the middle of the store and the screaming. I've had a headache for hours because of it.

In other news, I think one of my coworkers is going to be fired because he never showed for work today. The whole day was so awful I very much wanted to quit because of it. Hell, I was on the road earlier, behind a delivery truck for my gorcery store chain for only 10 min this morning, and about halfway through I suddenly had an inexplicable urge to burn my uniform.

Le sigh. It's not so bad really, my job, when I don't have to deal with this insanity. Or so I tell myself. Though I did come up with an idea while I was conditioning for a fairly cool, dark Star Wars AU. Go figure.
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{{hugs you hun}}

OK so cooking isn't my thing, but isn't 2lbs of turkey a generous serving for four people!!!!


To make it even better, I reported to work at 5pm today and was (eventually) told that the truck wouldn't be arriving until at least 7:30. So I came home instead... and now not only is that 2.5 hours I don't get paid for, I'll probably be there til 2am tonight.