J. Edgar commentary

So, while I was "kicked out" of the house today, I went and saw J Edgar. It was a good movie. I was by far the youngest by at least 30 years in the audience, but it was real good. Interesting. Edgar was a charecter you both had to feel sympathetic towards and dispise on a number of levels, and DiCaprio's preformance was astounding. I still prefer him in Inception, but that might just be a charector-related thing.

My only complaint is that the film cut out two minutes before the end, and because of the Twilight-mania already decending upon the theatre at 4pm, I was unable to properly complain. Thus I find myself with the need for an angry icon. Mildly disproving Lorne is the best I could do.

Still, if you're a history buff like me, you'll probably like it. If you're not, don't even bother. Still, I think I'll end up getting this on DVD when it comes out.
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I love history stuff <3 And I'm weirdly fond of DiCaprio's character in Inception. I don't even know why.

lol Mildly disapproving Lorne XD
What can you do? I'm so in love with Inception it's kinda ridiulous, though I'm an unadbashed fan of Arthur/Eames.

I think the thing about DiCaprio's charector that's so interesting is that everything he does is for love, and he doesn't even realize he's hurting everyone he has left in the process.

But whatever. I'm trying to look for Angry!icons, but can't seem to find any I like. Le sigh.
I watched Inception for the first time two weeks ago. So I'm super new to to, and to the great ship Arthur/Eames. (So far I've been trying to figure out who writes the really good stuff, and how to find them.)

If I would have guessed before watching the show, I would have said I wouldn't like Dom, because he's hurting people. But asdjk; I just do. IDK.
I cannot rec this enough. It's an AU, but it gets the charectorizations down pat. So's this but, again, beautiful, and this author is quite amazing. This one is actually set in the movie 'verse, and it's quite amazing... And that's all I have off the top my head.

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Gyzym writes amazing fic. Everything she (?) does is gold. So far most of my interest lies in canon, but if you rec an AU, then I bet it's good.

sj;fak Thank you for the rec ♥
sadly, I find most of the best stuff from the Inception fandom is AU - or, at least, dream-share free. It's kinda a shame really. But Gyzym has a movie 'verse series as well I really like... it's like 6 or 8 stories long, but they're brilliant.
I loooooove Gyzym's Domestic 'Verse series. I spent an entire night reading all of it, nothing else. (Which is a big thing for me, because I'm always reading SGA).

I find most of the best stuff from the Inception fandom is AU - or, at least, dream-share free.

That makes me sad :( I'll just have to suck it up and read AU's, I think :P I bet they're awesome!