The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #11

It's just after 1 in the morning. I just got off of work, and would've gotten off earlier if my coworkers weren't idiots.

I'm going hiking with dad tomorrow/later today and am kinda excited about it, even if I'm going to be absoluetley exausted tomorrow.

And I just got my first flame, ever, for "Pastor," over on AO3. Apparently, the commenter doesn't care for the series because 1) my timelike is apparently "off" and 2) John being an Ancient doesn't change anything, even though it kinda does. I reponded and am curious to see how far they take this dislike of my story's inital premise.

But whatever. As Kurt Vonnegut once said, Any reviewer who expresses rage and loathing for a novel is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armour and attacked a hot fudge sundae. Granted, that being said, I've disliked (and hated) my fair share of books in my life, but still. It kinda surprises me, given the general warm fuzzies I've been getting for the series. But to each their own.
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That's stupid =.= John being an ancient would change nearly everything.
I know, right? But whatever. I've been writing fic for almost 4 years now, have over 50 stories, and this is my first flame. I think it's kinda monumentous. I almost want to celebrate.
Wow, your first one? That's pretty amazing :D Haha, do you feel like a real writer, now? "I have received my first flame! I am SUCCESSFUL!"
Apparently the person who flamed you is on heavy medications. :D

And congrats(?) on the first flame?

Have fun on your hike with your dad.

(sorry I haven't read the last few stories for Ancient!John. I've never seen Big Bang Theory and have a hard time with most crossovers but to make up for it, I'm pimping your story to my rommate to read after her semester is finished.)
No problem. The Ancient!John/BBT xovers are mostly just drabbles that won't let me go, that I work on when the real stories don't want to come.

The hike was fun, and now I'm tired, but thanks for the pimp! And yeah, I'm kinda pleased. If my ratio is 1 flame every 4 years, or every 50 stories, I must be doing something right.
Of course it changes everything - especially for John himself.

The emotional trama he is going through is totally different from anything John Sheppard experienced. His reactions to people and events would be different in a lot of ways.

Also he can change the outcome of events by knowing things John would not know.

As for your timeline being wrong - maybe it's because John caused events to be different? e.g. we meet Jeannie much earlier because Rodney takes John to see her.

Frankly, this user is ill informed at best, deliberately malicous at worst.

Forget about the troll for now and enjoy the hike, but if it happens again report them for abuse.

Actually, I think they were saying I was wrong about when the Ancients seeded life in the Pegasus galaxy - but whatever. I'm mostly more amused by it than anything, but I will if they do it again/get worse.

But my hike was good. Exausting, but nice. We finished right before it started to rain, and it was pretty, so... It's all good.