The Actors of Pegasus X-treme

So, yeah, this has taken off at a momentous pace, so I figured I needed an organizational chart. Because I like charts.

Other various notes on the series include:

  • Wormhole X-treme, in this 'verse, is much more serious than the portrayed version, and follows pretty much like Stargate: SG-1. Several of the writers (to include Kaleb Miller, Rodney's brother-in-law) have knowledge of the Stargate Program, either having retired from said program or been read-on to it.

  • Wormhole X-treme is came on air in the summer of 2002. March 13, 2012 is the series finale.

  • Pegasus X-teme premieres July 16, 2009, approximately two months after Atlantis lands near San Francisco  It has since been moved to a relatively remote section of the Pacific about fifteen minutes west of Hawaii.

  • The Wormhole X-treme version of the SG-1 episode "Wormhole X-treme" was called "Stargate" and featured the real SG-1 in minor walk-on rolls.

  • Daniel Jackson has been a technical adviser for Wormhole X-treme for all seasons of Wormhole X-treme (excepting the 3rd, which was filmed while he was Ascended). He, along with Iohannes and Rodney, is also an adviser for Pegasus X-treme.

  • Pegasus X-treme is follows the Ancient!John 'verse of events.

Pegasus X-treme Charector

SGA Charector

Real Life Actor
"Micaelis" /
"Col. Michael Shepherd"
Iohannes /
John Sheppard
Michael Trucco
"Dr. Andrew Winters" Rodney McKay Aaron Douglas
"Melelu" Teyla Emmagan Dichen Lachman
"Lt. Avery Mason" Aiden Ford Leonard Roberts
"Dr. Paul Phillips" Peter Grodin Dominic Keating
"Dr. Isabel Watkins" Elizabeth Weir Carrie Fisher
"Dr. Alistair Boyes" Carson Beckett Enver Gjokaj
"Col. Frank Redding" Colonel Sumner Harry Lennix
"Cpt. Susan Hartford" Laura Cadman Ellen Page
"Aliana" Larrin Natalie Dormer
"Leon Hirsch" Ladon Radim James Frain

Wormhole X-treme Charector

SG1 Charector

Real Life Actor
"Nick Danning" Jack O'Neill ?
"Alexandria Monroe" Samantha Carter ?
"Peter Jacobs" Daniel Jackson ?
"Grell" Teal'c ?
"Geoffery Saunders" George Hammond Bill Pullman
" Jonas Quinn Seamus Dever

All of this means that the events of: Stargate: SG-1 and Wormhole X-treme are off by about five years. S1 of "WXT" takes place concurrently with the events of S5 of SG1. S8 of SG1 and S1 of SGA take place while S4 of WXT is on air.
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