Pegasus X-treme

I'm an idiot, but I can't stop thinking about Pegasus X-treme and my wonderful Ancient!John/Big Bang Theory crossover. I can't exactly write anything more for the drabble-series without giving away the plot for my Ancient!John 'verse, but I have come to two conclusions:

1) The actor to play Iohannes in Pegasus X-treme has to be Michael Trucco, of Battlestar Galactica fame. Do not ask me why, I just feel that it has to be. I love Joe Flanigan, I really do, but he (his charecter) can't really play himself (his charecter) in a fake spin-off of a fake TV show now can he?

2) Peter Grodin, in Pegasus X-treme, would be played by Dominic Keating, of Star Trek: Enterprise.

I've no idea about the rest, but those are my conculsions. Thoughts are welcome.
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Oh yes please. Michael Trucco was Sam Anders, right?

Since you're casting from BSG, Grace Park for Teyla?

I don't know if you've seen Hawaii-50, but I'm sure Scott Caan would make a great Rodney - he could do the snark and the hands - and he has the blue eyes.

Could bring back the original actress from SG1 for Elizabeth.
yeah, Trucco was Anders. And you're right, Grace Park would be a good Teyla. Never seen Hawaii-50, though, so I don't know about that... and I hated the blonde actress who first played Elizabeth... but I'm basically just going with actors I know and like, who I think might work in the parts.

My life is sad, I know.
ahah! My evil plan is bearing fruit!

You have to get some buff gorgeus guy to play mckay just so the bigbang crew can be schocked meeting the real one
haha. But who? It can't just be any buff gorgeous guy, it has to be one that fits the charecter. Oh, the dilemmias.

and, again, your evil plan is stymed until I get further along in the series, otherwise I'll give too much away.
hummm well I am sure I can try to think of an appropriate Gorgeous buff guy o be McKay... humm
how about Danno from the new H50? not too buff and he does the sarcastic rant about crazy rambo like partners who don't mind safety reles really well... and he is tan and blond...

You can pull the H50 actors to be some members of Atlantis team... they are awesome and Sheldon could rant they arent really traditional sci-fi actors...
*grins* Maybe. I've never seen H50, but I've googled Danno and am not sure... maybe I have to watch the series, but my first instinct isn't he'd be the perfect McKay in the Pegasus X-treme version of the Ancient!John 'verse
you have to see him in action... check an youtube clip...

just looking at him you don't think Mckay which is precisely why the BigB guys would be shocked with the real thing
hmmm... not seen either of them in anything, but they might fit the part. And Sheldon *would* totally not like someone from Babylon 5 being in one of his shows...

Not thought of a Ronon yet, but we are only on S1 of Pegasus X-treme too. So it'd have to be a Ford...

I'll think on it, though.
ohh a Ford might be easier to find....

they were both in Highlander which is where I know them from... but just the idea of having someone from Babylon five is found to send Shelly into a tizzy

for Ford why not the guy from Buffy who was Riley's roommate?
hmmm... could work, but my worry is he might be too "hard" - and maybe too old - for Ford's part. I was kinda thinking the guy who plays Gabriel on The Closer.

Never could get into Highlander though, so never seen those two in that.
I see I'm not the only one to suggest Scott Caan aka Danno from H50 for McKay.

The thing about H50 is that Danny and Steve remind a lot of people of Rodney and John, in fact there are a lot of McShep writers who have crossed over to Steve/Danno communities.

I guess a big portion of it is the chemistry between the two actors, which might be why you can't see the actor who plays Danny as Rodney?
Maybe. And, like I said, I've not ever seen H50. I might look it up, see if it's available on Netflix, but mostly I think I'm goint to end up with "the entire cast is makde up of a whole bunch of really famous syfy actors, except for the random Canadian guy who plays McKay and I've got to wonder why he *isn't* more famous than he is."
le sigh.