untitled drabble #2

Title: untitled drabble #2
Rating: PG
Words:  633
Pairing/Charecter(s): Ancient!John, Lorne, Cadman; John/Rodney
Warnings/Spoliers: chronologically, this place after "Heres," Ancient!John 'verse, on the same day as "Duet"
Disclaimer: All characters, situations, quotes et al are properties of their respective owners and I am merely using them under Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine, without intents to infringe upon or defame anyone's legal rights.
Summary: No one would mess with them if they dressed up as Alterans.
Notes: So, I'm trying to work on the next Ancient!John story, which, well, is a "Duet," retelling, but I decided that I didn't like how it was going and decided I'd post this becasue a) I liked it too much to delete and 2) well, "Duet," is kinda Halloween-y. Reveiws would be wonderful - I have to work third shift tonight, and I need something to get me through the night.


An Ancient!John Drabble

"Well, there's things that never will be right I know,
And things need changin' everywhere you go,
But 'til we start to make a move to make a few things right,
You'll never see me wear a suit of white."

Johnny Cash "Man in Black"

"Y'know," Lieutenant Cadman tells him as they're getting ready to step through the porta for a world rumour has it has been recently culled. They're hoping to find survivors from the descendant population there; people who can tell them how many darts came, how many they took, and how long they were there. It's not as good as sneaking aboard a Wraith hive and stealing information on their troop movements and numbers, but they've been able to maintain the fiction that they'd destroyed Atlantis rather than let the Wraith get their hands on it for almost four months now and doing something so blatant would give them away for certain, "if the goal is to remain hidden, shouldn't we be flying under false colours or something here?"

"False colours?" he asks. There are thousands of idioms in the Terran language of English. He's picked up a lot, and Atlantis has updated his translation matrix to include several of Expedition members' native tongues, but he's not heard this one before.

"Like not wearing the Expedition uniform when we go off-world. Something Athosian, maybe." She wrinkles her nose, perhaps thinking costumes like Teyla's would be difficult to hide body armour under, "Or Ancient. I bet no one would mess with us if we were dressed up like Ancients."

Iohannes considers this for a moment. One could at least hide a Kevlar vest underneath the elaborate outfits some of his people had worn, but, "Impractical," he decides in the end.

"Yeah. I guess it'd be pretty hard to make P90s and M249s look like Ancient energy weapons."

"That too."

"Why? White not your colour sir?"

"Not exactly, no." It's actually the laces he's thinking about – the elaborate ties down the back of the ribbed brigandines and heavy leather vambraces that were part of the standard guardsmen'suniform. Tying (and especially untying them) was impossible to do with any alacrity. Several career military, like himself, rarely bothered removing the vambraces at all during the Siege, the quicker to get into uniform should the Wraith suddenly decide to attack.

They're standing at the foot of the Control Room stairs, he and Cadman, with a couple other Marines as they wait for the rest of their away team – primarily Rodney and Carson, who Elizabeta has insisted on talking to right before they're set to leave. Major Lorne, however, is really the only one close enough to overhear their conversation, and snorts at the last.

Cadman just laughs. "You do pull off the whole man in black thing fairly well. Sir."

"Don't know that one either."

She looks confused for a moment, pausing in the middle of retying her hair before answering. "No, it's not a metaphor. It's Johnny Cash. I brought some of his music with me – you can borrow it if you like after the mission. Y'know, if none of us wind up in the infirmary after."

Iohannes nods non-committally. Other members of the Expedition have tried introducing him to Terran music, but he's discovered that after so many years of listening to Atlantis and her never-ending song that nothing else sounds quite right. Not even the classical artists that Rodney had tried introducing him to.

"I wouldn't have pegged you for a country music fan, Lieutenant," Lorne says.

She shrugs, settling her hat back on her head. "I shared an apartment with a girl from Nashville for a while. It was either learn to like it or go mad, and I figured a disappearing roommate wouldn't look good on my service record, so..."

Before she really has a chance to continue, the rest of their team joins them, and then Chuck's dialling the gate and, well, that was that.

Nota Bene: A brigandine is a type of armour that is usually made up of old bits of plate armour rivioted onto leather, so it's a bit like a bulletproof best. In all techicality, the clothing the Ancients on the Aurora wear in that episode are probably jacks of coats, which are exactly like brigadines except the armour is sewn into fabric rather than rivoted, but jack of coat sounded less Ancient than brigadine, so...
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I'm surprised Iohannes hasn't discovered Johnny Cash before - then again, he has picked up a lot of what he knows about Earth culture from Rodney so perhaps it's not that surprising?

The Alteran uniforms they showed on SGA didn't seem very practical did they? I remember some of the replicator gear looking more businesslike, so maybe we only saw the Alterans in their formal uniforms, not in combat armor?
Alterans never seemed to me like they were big on praticality. But, hey, the uniforms were interesting - particularly the ones we saw on the Aurora - and the idea that they might be brigadines kinda works for me as an explination, provided they were filled with some sort of metal or other material that made it difficult for the Wraith to feed on them.

Mostly, though, I see the Alterans as big on tradition. Their uniforms are probably like those of the Swiss Gaurd - impractical, difficult to make and put on, but traditional.

and as for the rest of their clothing? Elaborate white clothing that must've been impossible to clean? It's a stasis symbol, even if they pretend it's not. Just another way for them to say we're so far beyond you we might as well be gods, even if we don't call ourselves such.
I agree about the status symbol thing. Blood is a difficult stain to remove, so either they were advertising their wealth or they had high tech stain repellant fabrics.

The white uniforms with the brigandines would have been ok on a ship or in the city, but what if they wanted to deploy ground troops off world (or maybe they didn't bother, which may have been part of the reason they lost the war).
I don't think the Ancients ever bothered with ground troops myself. They had ships and, when they did need to use the stargates, they had the jumpers. Part of it was probably something about infantry being too far below their technlogial level, but the other side of that is, they probably just didn't have the manpower to "waste" on such a traditionally high body count position.

Think about it. Atlantis left the milky way for pegasus because of the plague, and, despite the size of the city, there were probably only a population of a few thousand. With the high stress on Ascending and the number of people they had to be loosing during the war, their population growth was probably -25%, maybe higher. To fight, they had to be as efficent as possible. Ergo, ships.
That makes a lot of sense hun. Of course with their numbers being so diminished, it suddenly makes sense why they created the replicators.

Is Iohannes going to meet the replicators, or does he know to stay away from that planet?
Duet was an episode that always kind of bothered me (I feel like Cadman crossed several lines in that episode, and rather than amusing me, it makes me uncomfortable), so I'm kind of glad you didn't go into deep detail?

But haha, John is going to fall for Johnny Cash, I know it :P And now I forever associate John with him. Can't hear him on the radio without thinking of SGA.
Cadman *so* crossed lines in "Duet" - not as many as the Colonel guy in SGU's episode "Earth" (which made me stop watching that series altogether) - and I wanted to point that out... but I didn't like how the story was unfolding, so I skipped ahead to "Trinity". Which I would be working on now if I didn't just get off work. Third shifts should be illegal.
Yeah, I heard about that plot in SGU. It pissed a lot of people off, understandably.

Oh, Trinity in this 'verse. I'm interested in seeing how that turns out.
yeah. and anything that can force me to stop watching a franchise after committing to 15 seasons has to be pretty uncomfortable.

But I'm actually enjoying "Trinity" so far, what I've been able to write of it when I've actually be awake.