The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #10

I dislike confrontation. I genuinely, truely do. I go far, far out of my way to avoid it if at all possible. My life has been far too B-rate sitcom over the years for drama to be something I actively seek out.

So how is it that a simple comment on the legibility of my handwriting leads to shouting and slamming doors? It wasn't even me doing the shouting - I made the comment, 'cause my dad's always going on about how awful my handwriting is (and it truely is horrendous) - it was dad, 'cause he somehow interpreted this as (his words, not mine) fuck off. Which it certainly wasn't intended as.

So now I'm all upset, which is annoying 'cause I was on a nice writing streak before he interupted it and, now that he's gone, I'm having trouble getting back on track. Which is doubly annoying, 'cause I work tonight and tomorrow morning and won't have that much time to write until Sunday.

In short, life sucks, and I'd actually rather be at work now, 'cause I just can't stand this unnessicary drama anymore.
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