Getting Geeky With It

I have written 1420 words for the next installment in the Ancient!John 'verse. This is after watching the last episode of The Lost Room, which was frankly a series that could have been so much better than it was; Star Trek, which is possibly the best movie of all time, or, at least, the best movie of the last ten years; and the second episode of Sherlock, which my mother and I have suceeded in getting my father hooked on. And cooking both brunch and dinner with almost no ingredients in the kitchen. And reading a chapter of Deriliction of Duty, which is a book Dad recommended me when I told him I wanted to read more about General Lemay after reading Area 51 - and it's a good book, if a bit dense and a tad too long, it just has a tendency to put me to sleep.

Oh, and I just downloaded Mylo Xyloto. So far, it's pretty good, though none of the songs have put hooks in me and demanded I bow to their genius quite yet. But it's only been 2 tracks, so...
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...Star Trek, which is possibly the best movie of all time...and the second episode of Sherlock..."

8D I like your choices! And, of course, I love hearing there's more Ancient!John fic in the works :P

I tried to get her to watch Paul too, but dad was home by then and has a limited tolerance of SyFy.