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So, I needed to figure out how fast the puddle jumpers can go for my Ancient!John 'verse, and, rather than make something up, this is what happened:

So, we know it takes the jumper 15 hours to get from Lantea to the Lagrange point satellite around the last planet in it's system. Assuming that, since Lantea has an Earth-like climate and a Sol-like star, we can safely assume Lantea is about 1 AU from it's sun. Assuming the rest of the system is fairly Sol-like, with at least one comet-catcher (ie, Jupiter) at a Jovian distance (which it needs to be, for various life-on-Earth reasons) , than the farthest planet from it's star is probably about 30 AU away, much like Neptune.

So, based on the orbit of the planets, it will probably take a planet at a Neptune distance 200-250 years to orbit it's star, meaning it's position is relatively fixed over a period of a few weeks or months. So, at it's closest, Lantea will be 29 AU from it's farthest sister, and, at it's farthest, 31, and we can just safely round it to 30 AU.

So, if it takes a jumper 15 hours to reach a planet 30 AU away, than it can average 2 AU an hour. 1 AU (an astromical unit) is the distance from the Sun to the Earth and is roughly 92,955,807.3 miles, or 8:19 light minutes. Thus a jumper can average 185,911,614.6 mph.

The speed of light is 671 million miles an hour. When you do the conversion, this means a puddle jumper can fly at about 27.71% the speed of light.

So, the moral of the story:
A Puddle Jumper's top speed is about 1/4th the Speed of Light
Which has absolutely no use in real life, but... yeah.

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Going there now! (This stuff is so interesting. I never really gave it much thought)
unfortunately, I do. I watch something and little details like that nag at me, so I end up doing stuff like this all the time. I've taken to posting my rants about things like it on lj, but post-dated most of my best ranting - from my massive Star Trek: Voyager rewatch.
I'm a first generation sci-fi fan, so I haven't seen any of the Star Treks, except for the new movie :\ I have download links for TOS, though.

I think it's cool you think this stuff through. It'd suck if it bothered you so much you couldn't watch the show anymore, though.
watched TNG growing up - so much that, apparently, at age 3 I thought the whole "These are the voyages..." speech was the "Pledge of Allegence," leading to some interesting pre-K experiences. So my mom claims, at least.

I was overseas or at boarding school for most the original runs of the series, though, and so I've mostly watched them in syndication. Love, the new movie though, and can't wait for the next one.

Hell, I didn't even watch SG1 until this May. Took me all month to watch it. Started SGA right after, but it took a little longer - 6 weeks or so - 'cause I was back in school then.

But, yeah. I take my SyFy very seriously. But usually only during the rewatches.
Haha, that's adorable.

I really, really liked the new movie, and I'm super excited for the sequel. I'm feeling the urge to read ALL THE FICS now, though :P

I still haven't seen SG-1. I watched an episode of it last night, so that's something. It's not grabbing me like SGA did.

It seems you do :) An admirable quality, I think. I regret getting into it so late.
If you're into ST:IX, I've a dozen or so recs on the list...

And I really disliked the first 1.5 seasons of SG1 - i just watched 'cause it was there and i was bored. but the rest of it was pretty good, up to season 8. the time loop episode is hillarious.
I have this huge Google Documents page full of fic links for various fandoms >.< Plus, going by your links in your sidebar, we don't ship the same thing :P

You said the show was good up to season 8 - is it bad after that? I'm very, very slowly watching it now.

Season 9 started the Ori thing and too many of the main cast left after season 8. I just couldn't stay interested. but the there are some very good episodes between mid-S2 and the end of S7. S3 and S4 are just brilliant. But, others...

Well, I've rants about them all on here somewehere, if you're interested.
Sorry :(

AH. I'm worried about Jack leaving, because I really like Jack. I hope I don't end up resenting Cameron for it, as unfair as that is.

I'll comb through your LJ :D
I loved Farscape. I really do. But I just couldn't stand Ben's charector in SG1. Or Vala. Which is really sad, 'cause, like I said, loved Farscape.
But, let's see...
Watch the S2 finale, "The Fifth Race," the S3 finale, "Wormhole X-treme," the time loop episode... well, pretty much all of S3-S5, the S6 opener, "Abyss," the S6 close, S7 opener, and S7 finalle... then the first 3 episodes of S8 and the 5th-3rd to last ones of S8, and I think you'll get the best of SG1. I think.
Farscape is on my list of things to watch :) I don't know when I'll get around to it, but it sounds really good.

I want to watch all the Rodney McKay episodes of SG-1, since he's my favorite SGA character. But with skipping between episodes like that (including the ones you listed above), I'm just worried I'll spend most of the episode going, "What? WHO IS THAT? WHAT'S GOING ON?" so. I should probably try to stick to watching everything, in chronological order.
probably best. Though I got to tell you I hate almost all of Rodney's SG1 episodes. Like, litterally, in his first appearance I thought he was going to be the goa'uld in the episode and was upset when he wasn't the bad guy. I much prefer him in SGA. John's only in 1 SG1 - "The Pegasus Project" - which is one of the more interesting episodes of that season, not that season was much good to begin with.

But Farscape you HAVE to watch. Like now. It's on Netflix instant, so... drop everything and do that.
>>Which has absolutely no use in real life, but... << fascinating anyway. :-) I just *love* this kind of speculative conclusion so much!
Yeah, I just read your rant on "The Return" and feel still a little dizzy because of the math. ;-)
All it basically adds up to is that the crew of the tria had to know they would die of old age before reading earth, even with stasis and .999 the speed of light.

But yeah it was dizzying to write too
*g* I actually understood the result when I read it the first time but then I made the mistake to read it again and try to actually follow the mathematical explanation .- without a calculator and a safey net. ;-)

But I enjoyed it anyway. :-)
How look did it take you to recover? ;-) If I may ask, how is it that you're so good with this mathematical stuff?
I think it took me like 2 hours to make sure I had the numbers right, and that I was talking about what it was I thought I was talking about. And then like an hour before I could concentrate on anything else but Law and Order reruns...

And I'll admit that I'm a bit of a geek, and actually quite bad at math. But I know enough about it to get my toes wet, so... tada