Fratres et Sorores

Title: Fratres et Sorores
Rating: PG
Words: 974
Pairing/Charecter(s): Ancient!John, Rodney, Jeannie Miller; (background) John/Rodney, Jeannie/Kaleb
Warnings/Spoliers: #9.75 in the Ancient!John 'verse (falls after "Nomen" but before the next installment); contains vauge spoilers for "The Intruder" and "McKay and Mrs. Miller"
Disclaimer: All characters, situations, quotes et al are properties of their respective owners and I am merely using them under Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine, without intents to infringe upon or defame anyone's legal rights.
Summary: When Jeannie McKay was eighteen years old, her parents died.
Notes: So, yeah, I was working on "Advena," which is what I'm calling part #10, and realized it just wasn't working from Jeannie's POV. Not for all of it. But this bit is kinda nessicary background info, and, like "Nomen," just too enjoyable to write to delete. So... Yeah. Oh, and I started work again yesterday, and am back to the night shift, so idk how often I'm actually going to be posting now... Oh, and I'm on AO3 now, so check the link to the the right if you're interested.... And Fratres et Sorores translates to Brothers and Sisters, which, while apparently the name of a recently cancelled TV show, has no relation to this installment.

Fratres et Sorores

An Ancient!John Missing Moment

When Jeannie McKay was eighteen years old, her parents died.

To be more specific, when Jeannie McKay was eighteen, her parents had been in one of the let's try to make our relationship work stages of their marriage, the kind in which they kept separate apartments but spent a couple nights a week sleeping at each other's place. Part of this making it work involved extravagant dates and so it was that her parents utilized the night of her Senior Prom for one of these expensive outings, taking advantage of the fact she'd be gone. When Jeannie returned home that night it was to a cop car in her drive and its driver on her front step, waiting to tell her that, earlier that evening, Dad had run a red light and hit an oncoming car. Both her parents and the other driver had died on scene. They believed her father had been drinking and would later be proven right.

After that point her brother is her only real family and even that's being optimistic. Meredith had gone off to university at thirteen, when Jeannie herself was only five, and had rarely been home since, finishing MIT just after his seventeenth birthday and blasting his way through two doctorates before she even had her driver's permit. Still, she'd always gotten along with Mer better than she had either of her parents, probably because of that very distance, and found her brother to be the perfect guardian.

This isn't to say that Mer was a good guardian, oh no, but he was exactly the sort of guardian a girl just starting university might want. His ultra top secret work with the United States Air Force kept him several hundred miles away and paid well enough that he didn't think anything of paying her college tuition or for her to live by herself in an apartment off-campus or for a car. She only called to ask for more money and he only called to ask after her grades and, all in all, it is an excitingly stereotypical relationship that served both their needs.

And this is how it goes until her third year of graduate school.

She meets Kaleb while fulfilling her humanities requirement and it's not to say that he's the one that makes her question the path of her life (Dad had been an engineer and wanted his children to be the same; to this end, Mer's biggest act of rebellion had been getting his doctorate in astrophysics first. After Dad died, Mer had steered her towards an advanced physics degree of her own and was already talking about getting her hired by the department of the American government he worked for after she graduated) for the first time, but he's the first person to give her a viable alternative.

They're already talking about marriage when she gets pregnant.

When she tells Mer, his only response is to say he'll stop paying her tuition if she goes through with it, obviously believing it's a bigger threat than it really is. He doesn't come to the wedding and when she calls to tell him about Madison's birth the operator at his office can only tell her that Mer's been transferred to Siberia and that she doesn't have the clearance for the number where he can now be reached.

It's such an obvious lie that Jeannie doesn't try to call Mer again and half expects to come home one day to a black SUV in her drive and men in suits at her door, telling her he's died.

She's doing the dishes one afternoon in late July when the doorbell rings.

There's nothing particularly unusual in this, even though she isn't expecting any visitors. Still, when she opens the door and sees her brother standing there, all she can do is gape for a couple of minutes before saying unintelligibility, "Meredith." He looks older than she remembers and a quick burst of mental arithmetic reminds her he's almost as old as Dad was when he died.

That thought alone is almost more bizarre than his sudden appearance on her doorstep and it's enough that she has to open the door further and examine him, to make sure he's not fallen into any of their father's other bad habits.

"Hey Jeannie. Long time no see."

"To say the least!"

Mer looks down for a moment, seemingly genuinely embarrassed (which is enough to make her wonder if she's talking to a pod-Meredith), before retorting, "What, I can't just stop by, say hi to my little sister?"

"Well, considering we haven't spoken in three years and you've never done anything like this..." He looks healthy enough – healthier than she remembers him ever being –so she assumes this isn't some kind of I've been diagnosed with a terminal disease guilt trip he's here on. "No, you can't."

"Well, I've been kind of busy... with work, you know, and some of the places they've sent me have been pretty out of the way. I only got back, er, on business last week and I thought I'd, um, you know..."

"No, Mer, I don't know."

He looks down again, then, curiously, towards the road. There's a yellow convertible parked there, top down, and leaning against it is a dark figure and things are all starting to click in her head for the first time since their conversation started. This isn't an I'm dying visit, it's meet the parents.

"Look," he says, "can we talk about it inside? It's just, your porch probably isn't the best place to have this conversation and there's kinda someone I'd like you to meet."

"I- Sure."

And this is how Jeannie's brother finds his way back into her life.

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This is a really interesting picture you've painted, and I could see it going exactly like this.
This is really really nice. I like this backstory a lot and it makes so much sense for both McKays. :D
I AM SO TORN. I love outside POV, so I'm torn between wanting to know what Jeannie thinks about Rodney and all this changes, what she thinks about John and his relationship with her brother, and all that stuff. On the other hand, I want to know what John thinks about Terra :P

This is a wonderful glimpse into Jeannie and Rodney's past. And you seem to have Jeannie's characterization down, too :D

As alawys, I am eager for more ♥
Well, I'm working away on "Advena" - which will be in John's POV, but there is one more bit I'm thinking about doing, but I'm hesitant to do since it would be adding some SG1 AU into this... So, if I descide to do that, there'll be a Jack POV drabble at some point before the next intallment...

But I'm glad you liked it. This is, in my own personal canon, the real backstory for the McKay siblings, Ancient!John or no.
Ooo, a Jack POV would be awesome too!

I've liked everything of yours I've read so far <3
i decided against the jack pov for the moment... I decided i didn't want to go too au with sg1 just yet.

and, aw, shucks.
I might still do it... how strongly do you think people would object if I *did* go AU with SG1 as well?
Actually? I don't imagine they'd object too much. I'm pretty sure SG-1 AU's happen all the time in relation to SGA fics :P
You wouldn't be willing to put up a numbered verse fic list by chance. I have 14 numbered fics for this verse and now I'm getting confused as to the chronological order they go in?
this should do the job. It has everything in order, and deliniated by season. It's not completely up to date (I've not added todays/yesterdays) fic to the list, but it has the first 13 in the correct order.

(hint, if you click on the 'verse link at the top, it will take you to the list as well; I try to remember to post it with each new installment).
As great as 1 story might always be, having a whole verse to follow is even much better and it gives you something that you can keep going back to and reading over and over (because it takes a while). I find that I do that a lot with verses.
*grins* Yeah, I know what you mean. Glad you feel that way about this little sandbox of mine. Sometimes it feels like I'm just whistling to the wind with it.
Sometimes it feels like I'm just whistling to the wind with it.

Not for those of us following it! You write and I will follow! "HUGS"