Title: Nomen
Rating: PG
Words: 726
Pairing/Charecter(s): Ancient!John, Rodney, sentient!Atlantis; McShep slash
Warnings/Spoliers: #9.5 in the Ancient!John 'verse (falls after "Socors" but before the next installment); contains vauge spoilers for "The Storm, Part III" and "Intruder"
Disclaimer: All characters, situations, quotes et al are properties of their respective owners and I am merely using them under Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine, without intents to infringe upon or defame anyone's legal rights.
Summary: Because heaven forfend Atlantis call Rodney by his Terran name.
Notes: The next installment is Iohannes on Earth. It's just giving me all sorts of trouble, for all I've been longing to write it. That, and Dad's been, well, dadish, and I totally think writing "Fida" through me into an excitential crisis, because the last two days have been awful... and, well, yeah. Here it is. Nomen means name. Specifically first name.


An Ancient!John Drabble

/It'll only be for a little while, carissima, I promise./

/We don't want you to go,/ Atlantis pouts, causing all the electronics in the room – including the Terrans' – to hum anxiously.

Iohannes ignores the curious looks of the nearby Expedition members and runs his hands along the nearest wall placatingly. Well, in all truth, the original members had pretty much learned to ignore his pastor-related antics by now; it's only the new ones, the ones that had come with Everett and Caldwell, who are looking at him curiously. It's all vaguely annoying and really not helping his case at the moment. /I know, carissima. I don't want to go either./

/Then why are you going?/

/Because I have to, 'Lantis. The Terran praetor wants a full debriefing by the Expedition's senior staff and that, bizarrely enough, includes me./

/Do you all have to go?/ she sniffs, stopping her trick with the humming and deciding to play with the water ballast systems instead. /Can't your custodia stay? He knows us./

/For the thousandth time, he's not-/

/What are we supposed to call him then?/ Atlantis snaps, no longer sounding like a lost child, but rather a petulant teenager and proving once more to Iohannes that if the city wanted to be concerned about anyone's mental health, it should be her own.

/His name, perhaps?/

/It's not Alteran./

/Because heaven forfend you use his Terran one,/ he sighs before tapping his earwig. "Hey, Rodney?"

Distractedly the scientist answers, "Yeah?"

Iohannes can hear lab-sounds in the background, and has to restrain himself from sighing again. He, Elizabeta, Carson, and Rodney are all scheduled to gate to Terra in less than half-an-hour. At this rate, they'll be lucky to get off-world before tonight. By which point the city will not doubt have created some catastrophe that must be dealt with right away that in no way, shape, or form could be traced back to her. "What's your middle name?"

"Rodney is my middle name. Why?" he asks suspiciously.

"'Lantis is asking."

"Oh." There's a beat. "Why does the city want to know my middle name?"

"'Cause Rodney doesn't translate into Alteran and she refuses to use Terran words. I've learned it's best to humour her when it comes to things like this if I want to maintain my sanity."

"John," Rodney says, the sound of a door opening and closing carrying over the radio, "you spent ten thousand years in hooked up to a cathedra. You don't have any sanity left."

Had not Iohannes been standing on the far side of the Control Room, apart from most the Terrans but still close enough to be overheard, he would have replied of course not, I'm dating you aren't I? But Iohannes is, and could only frown at the missed opportunity, settling on the far less likely to cause Rodney to blush, "Be that as it may, I'd like to maintain the illusion. So give me a name or I let 'Lantis choose."

"Okay. But you've got to promise not to tell anyone."


"Fine," Rodney huffs, then voice muffled as if he's trying desperately not to be overheard, "my first name's Meredith."

Iohannes blinks. "What's wrong with-?"

"It's- Look, I'll explain later. I've got to finish this mess before we leave. Just promise not to tell anyone but Atlantis, okay?"

The line goes dead.

With a sigh he turns his attention back to the city. /You're the one who hacked their translation software. What does Meredith come out to?/

/Moreducus,/ Atlantis muses, running it over her non-existent tongue. /Moreducus Custodia... It's a good, solid Alteran name, even if it's missing a few pieces. It works though. We approve./

/I'm thrilled. I really am. But you know Rodney can't stay here either, regardless of whatever name you choose to call him by./

She huffs, which is progress compared to her earlier sulking, /What about the medicus?/

/Carson has to go too. All the senior staff has to go, 'Lantis; I've told you this already./

/But you'll be back?/

/Yes. Soon. I promise./

/And you won't do anything to get yourself killed?/

/I'll do my best./

/We don't know what we'd do without you, pastor./

/I know, carissima. Me neither./

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Thanks. It was too cute to delete, and didn't exactly work with what I had going for 10, so...
Aww....she's worried. (and rightfully so) It's cute that she wanted an actual name to call Rodney.
I've been waiting for a good time to bring up the Moreducus... 'cause it is the proper Latin version of Meredith, and you gotta admit it sounds a lot cooler, as far as guys names go.

I had a similar issue in High School... My name didn't translate into spanish, so I had to go by my middle name. In Spanish. Which had three long A's in it - which I could never pronounce. It was awful....

Edited at 2011-10-02 10:18 pm (UTC)
My brother can really sympathize with Rodney too. His name is Trampus (he's named after a fictional cowboy that my dad fanboy'd over as a kid) and he can't go by his middle name because he thinks it's just as bad.

I was almost stuck with the name Shenandoah but lucked out when my mom put her foot down. (though I'm not too crazy with what I did end up with either.)
I actually quite like my name. Just not in Spanish.

But Trampus? That is rather unfortunate. Shenandoah isn't too bad, all things considered. My BF in high school was named Angelica Glee by her parents, after some line in some bizzare Xmas song, as she was born about that time of year.

My dad inisited on naming me what they did. It's a fairly common name, actually. Pity he can't spell it.
::squee!!:: This was adorable! I keep meaning to leave a comment on these fics; I've enjoyed them all so much. I also really like how quickly you update. ;) Your Atlantis is awesome, and I think your take on Ancient!John is really original, too.
I love reveiws and post faster when I get them (hint, hint).

I'm glad you liked, though. It doesn't exactly fit what I've ended up starting for the next bit, but It was too good to delete, so...

*claps wildly*
Oh, I've loved every one of these so far; you mix all the things I love about this sort of AU with all the things we loved about canon and I'm riveted.
really? Cool. 'Cause I'm just mostly writing what I like. Want. Think works. So it's good to hear someone else thinks the same.
Aww, Atlantis. Perhaps Miko wil stay with you? And of course "Meredith" would sound like a completely appropriate name to both of them. *hugs*
Ah, but Miko's gene isn't as strong as Carson's... And, in Atlantis' defence, "Rodney" doesn't have a Latin counterpart. If you go through the etemology, the closest you get is "Rothericus," which is a translation of "Roderick," of which the Czech version is "Radek"... and, basically, things become confusing...

Anyway, glad you liked and sorry for the nonsensical rant.
The part I find most amusing in all of this is, in real life, both actors' names are "David." Makes you wonder if the name thing was intentional.
Oh god, this is so adorable. I really, really love this. It makes me feel all soft inside, for Iohannes and Atlantis and Rodney.

I love John's confusion over Rodney's secrecy about his fist name, Atlantis being a pouty teenager, that John revealed in a roundabout way that he and Atlantis discuss Rodney ♥

XD I have no idea what else they'd talk about. How different the Tauri are to the Alterans? (But Rodney is a much more interesting subject!)
Hmmm... The running of the city, I guess, and the Tau'ri/Alteran differences, of course... Iohannes' mental health... Lots of stuff, actually, but you're right, Rodney *is* much more interesting.
LOL IOHANNES' MENTAL HEALTH. A great concern, I'm sure :P

I do like that Atlantis is fond of him, as well. I live in fear of fics where John is in love with Rodney, and Atlantis is jealous >.< There's enough love for all three of you, sillies!
As I think I said in, oh, "Heros," Atlantis is like Iohannes' wife, and Rodney like his mistress. Kind of an imperfect analogy, as there's nothing sexual to his relationship with the city (thank God!), but 'Lantis does truely care for Iohannes, and likes Rodney not just because he can fix her, but because he cares for Iohannes...

After all, she's all concerned with Iohannes' mental health, and, after being alone for 10,000 years, a big part of that is seeing to it that he's not any longer. (Oh god, fic idea: Atlantis, the matchmacker...)
It'd be really disturbing if there was a sexual relationship between Iohannes and Atlantis. I find the idea of Rodney being anyone's mistress hilarious, though :D

I know I've read fics where Atlantis has decided John and Rodney should be together :P I think it's sweet that she's Iohannes to be happy and have companionship :P And he just happened to choose someone who loves Atlantis, too, and has the capabilities to care for her!
Disturbing wouldn't even begin to cover it...


In my mind, Atlantis is like a hyperactive toddler, a moody teenager, a mad scientist, and somebody's ancient grandmother all rolled into one. And you've got to remember, even if Iohannes doesn't *actively* remember those 10,000 years, they were in constant mental interaction for all of it. His personality has bled a little into hers, and vice versa. They're like... oh, twins with their own secret language.
Ooo, I love that. I don't think there's a word to accurately describe Iohannes and Atlantis' relationship, since you've called them spouses and twins in one conversation. They just kind of "are".
I think it's cute that Atlantis calls Rodney "your custodia. I suspect that really she just likes reminding John that Rodney is his.