Today's randomness

Some things I thought I might share:

1) I had the most bizzare dream last night, which was essentially a version of Battlestar Galatica without spaceships, and wherein all the Cyclons were really avatars of humans a la Avatar, and melted into puddles of goo when dead. The result of this is I want to find a fic wherein Uhura is really the human avatar version of her charector from Avatar.
2) My biggest problem with writing slash is the pronouns. I start writing a scene, and then realize there are too many hims or hes or whatnots for it to make sense, spend ages correcting it, and then lose my chain of thought and have to start over.
3) The internet is a strange place, but not as strange as real life. I told my dad at dinner will my going on a hunger strike help any and he said it'll get you outta my house faster.
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