As I lie here in bed...

I'm bothered by random thoughts, Among them:
1) It's the ten year aniversary of Star Trek: Enterprise and, I've got to say, I'm rather surprised at this. Mostly because I can't believe it's been ten years since it was first on air. That, and I don't think I ever saw it while it was actually on air, despite my ST obsession (blame TV-less dorms). Needless to say, for all the series' problems (most of S1 and S2, and TATV), I really did love this show, miss it terribly, and can't wait for the next book based off it (The Romulan War: To Brave The Storm) to come out next month. *claps*
2) Emily Deschenel's mother played the fiance of the late Dave Bowman in 2010. I want to see a fic that takes this into account, don't ask me how or why.
3) I've been watching entirely too much Top Gear during my convalenence, to the point where I'm being tempted to seek out RPS for it. *shudder*
4) Work on the next installment of the Ancient!John series is going well. Slowly but well. I've a brilliant idea for the story that comes after the one I'm on now - several ideas in fact - but this one is a bit of slow going. And I must say I'm kinda disapointed in the number of reveiws I got. It makes me wonder how many people are even reading the series any more... Nevertheless, I'll probably continue writing it until I run out of ideas, but still. I miss the reveiws. *sniff*
5) Dad is weird. End of story.
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You will always get a review from me! I love your series, and I'm not sure why fandom is so lackluster lately (I'm terrified to think the fandom is dying).

But I'm sticking with it for the long haul!
I think everyone's a little worn out by the McShep Match. But it'll come back, I'm sure...

Anyway, I'm working on the next installment now, and, Gods, I'm making myself cry. It doesn't help any that I've been listening to the LotR: RotK soundtrack over and over again while writing it. But it should be amazing (I hope). It's already 4462 words long. And I'm only 2/3s finished!
Oh, you have a good point. The one Big Bang went live just a couple weeks ago, and then there was McShep_Match...I'd be tired, too.

jfa;ka YOU'RE CRYING? oh no no, this is not good. I am going to cry, aren't I? Ooo, LOTR had a beautiful soundtrack <3 Ooo, a long installment, eh? I like that :D
Longish. I cut it a little shorter than planned because I figured the last bit would work better on it's own. It's up now if you're interested.