It's alive!

Just got back from my cholecystectomy. Well, actually, like 45 min ago, but fell asleep... again... while waiting for her to get back from the pharm with my pain pills.

But it went well, I guess. Kinda awful, 'cause I didn't get off work til 12:02 and couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight last night (and my work is hardly the best place to eat at, 'cause breaks are rare and, well, it's a grocery store.... So I was dead thirsty this morning, and exausted, 'cause I had to be there at 9:15.

It was all laproscopic, which is good, 'cause it apparently hurts less, but, god...

When I woke up, I was glasses-list and so couldn't see a thing and all groggy from the anastesia, so I had no fucking idea where I was and it hurt like hell (this from a girl who walked on a broken leg for a week before my mom dragged me to the hospital) and I so totally had a panic attack. It took me at least 10 min to get my bearings, and they still had to give me something to help with that. It scared my mom too, 'cause she'd been in the waiting room for almost an hour longer than she was told she'd have to wait...

But, yeah. It only really hurts now when I move, and even then it's only the one near my naval, as they had to go through muscle there. I'm still not really hungry, though mom got me mint chocolate chip ice cream and cool whip to help me out.

Oh, and since being diagnosed with mono like 6 weeks ago, I've lost 12 lbs. Which is good, 'cause I needed to lose it, but, god, no wonder I've been feeling beat down. And this is with eating a lot of ice cream and other feel-good foods. Probably more than that, now that I'm one semi-vestigial organ down.

Apparently it was really inflamed too. I can bet, consdering how awful I've been feeling. Anyway, sleepy now and my tea should be done seeping, so... yeah.
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I had my gallbladder removed a little over a year ago (April of 2010). I totally understand how you feel, bb. *HUG*
It - and a comment on "discretion" - have inspired a ficlet. Which I'll finish writing when I can sit up again. And am NOT on a iPod.

But thanks 4 the hugs. *dittos*

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Ooo. I'll be keeping an eye out for that ficlet :P

You're welcome! Did you get yours removed due to gallstones? (I have no idea what other reason there would be for getting it removed, but assuming is stupid). If so, yours might have been bigger than mine, since mostly what I remember after the surgery is my stomach aching. (At least, not until the complications during my surgery kicked in, and then the pain really began.)

partically, yes, and partically because of some weird-ass complication from my mono that I just don't understand. but showering was apparently a bad idea, so... collapsing again...
I do a little, yeah. Though I'm starting to feel like Mrs. Rochesteer in Jane Eyre, confined to this room while I recouperate... I think I'm slowly going mad and it's showing in the fic I'm working on.
Aww. I'm so sorry, I can't imagine being confined to one room :(

Maybe open a window for some fresh breeze?
Around my belly button, actually, where one of the incisions was. The other 3 are barely noticeable, bruise or pain wise, but that one hurts! I guess I'll never be able to have a belly button piercing now. Le sigh
The bruising around my belly button was the worst, too. The others faded fairly fast. You could still get a belly button piercing. I still have a pink scar from the incision, but it'll fade eventually...
Oh, I know it'll fade eventually. It's just annoying now. Not that I really want to pierce it- it just causes my mom to roll her eyes
I remember when I was eleven, I wanted to get my belly button pierced when I was sixteen. Then I got to about 14 and it became popular to have that done.

I love your icon :D
Grins. I mostly just want another tattoo, but can't afford one after this whole mess and, sides, it my parents hate them, so, until I move oh, it's a bad idea. And I can't affOrd to move out any time soon, so...