DADT repeal

"What the research shows, is that operationally, repeal is no big  deal. Sure, there will be isolated adjustment issues. But overall, the evidence  shows that there will be no negative impact on readiness, cohesion or any other  aspect of military performance.  That's what we've been saying for years."

This makes me happy. Not for any particular reason, really, other than hating discrimination of any sort and finding DADT particularly silly, but it does. It also makes me want to rec my favourite DADT-repeal SGA fic - "A Not So Modest Proposal," which, while almost 6 years old, is still a lovey little story. Actually, since DADT-repeal is such an SGA McShep trope, I've another fav, "To Have and To Hold," which is rather newer and a little less DADT related, but is still rather excellent.

In fact, I wonder if this repeal will spark a celebratory fic thing on lj. It probably will. Hmmm, maybe I'll even write a quick onsie as a break from my Ancient!John series... hmmmm. 
I feel slightly guilty that my first thought upon hearing of the DADT repeal was of John and Rodney. I'm extremely happy for the real life soldiers who have had to hide who they are, but I'm more emotionally connected to John and Rodney.

Do you mind if I repost part of this?
my first thought when seeing it was John and Rodney too - but, then again, it is such a trope that it kinda has to be.

But go right ahead.
I just wanted to point out that I thought of the real life effects of this policy, because someone (I think on fandom secrets) was pretty pissed off that people were "more concerned" with DADT and their pairings than they were about real life people.

Thanks :)
true, but, then again, I sometimes think people make a bigger deal of it in fandoms than it is in real life. As the article says, operationally, the repeal is no big deal. Sure, some people are probably going to run out and get married and all that, but, for most people - and the military in general - life is going to on as usual.

And, for all the a**holes there are in RL, there aren't likely to be any "villians" determined to break any one pair apart, or stymie them because of their orientation. Not to say there won't probably be some issues, but... well, fic is fic and RL is RL.
I agree. I think the biggest change is that people won't have to fear being thrown out because of being gay. But yes, operationally, no changes!

I don't think there'll be too many instances of bullying; and what there is will be stamped out quickly, I hope. I'm optimistic!