The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #7

It's been a week. I've been fielding calls from the drs for the surgery I get to have next week and have already calcuated that, if I don't pay any other bills whatsoever, it will take me four months to pay off the 30 mins it's supposed to take.

Though I have stocked up on comfy PJs in preperation. I'm currently wearing a pair of superman ones and wearing one of my brother's old Ts that says how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a tootise pop. I'm planning on bringing in the most lurid combo for after the surgery, just because I can.

What else? Oh, I was supposed to have yesterday off, but got called in to block the store. And then, when I finished, they had me block the store again. All 'cause of some big wig who thought the store was all messy because he came while we were unloading the trucks and hadn't had a chance to put anything to rights yet. The result was a massive group 4 hour blocking at the end of the night... which was cool, 'cause I got to chat with Kat and Dustin and whatshisname.

Oh, and I've decided my boss reminds me of Micky Mouse. I've told him this, and he agrees. He also says Dustin reminds him of that sheepdog from the old cartoons who had to lift his hair to see anything, and he's right. It makes me laugh everytime I look at Dustin how, which is kinda sad 'cause he's the nicest of the bunch. Well, after Anthony the dairy clerk, but all I ever do with him is complain about work whereas Dustin and I have semi-intelligent convos, so I guess that's an improvement over the sullen ignoring-of-me that went on for the first week or so.

I do have tomorrow off and plan on, in no particular order, watching old episodes of Top Gear on Netflix, finishing my Las Vegas puzzle, finishing The Next 100 Years, and rereading the Percy Jackson books.

They've also scheduled me to work until 1am the day of my surgery, so that should be fun...

But, if anyone can rec some good SG1 fanfiction, or Sherlock, I'd be very happy.
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