The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #5

For any who may be curious, today did suck, if in a different way then yesterday - cashiering isn't so bad, when the machine works and there aren't nine people waiting in line for you to check them out. All in all, I think I prefer stocking, even though I do tend to have to climb (6 feet tall) pallets of dog food to get to the one bag I need, climb (10 feet tall) stacks of bottled water to get the cases I need, lift (unsecured) boxes of mayo over my head (and have said jars attack me visciously as they fall), and, climb (8 feet tall) stacks of boxes on (unsecured and wheeled) floats to get the two things of paper towels I need.

Though I did wake up this morning with my leg spasiming so badly my mind immediately went to the House "infarction" place.

Anyway, I've finally made the appt with the internist for next monday, and I guess I'll find out if I do need surgury then, but, for the moment, I've felt so nausious all day that I didn't eat 'til dinner. I asked Mom to bring home Arbies, and she (despite the fact that neither of us haver ever liked that resturant) brought home Hardies instead. My fault, probably, since I was half-asleep when she called, but still. I couldn't even eat more than a bite or two, it just made things that much worse.

Anyway, might end up watching Sherlock again. Or some SGA. IDK. Something, anyway. I'll try to write, but it's hard to concentrate when you feel icky everywhere for at least nine different kinds of reasons.
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