The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #4

So it's Labour Day and, of course, I'm working. Well, I'm supposed to be working now, but the truck's running late, and so I was told to take a 60-90 min "lunch" until it arrives c. 6:30. So, living all of 2 miles away, I came home. And almost immediatly got on my comp and checked out today's McShep postings. We've had some strange ones this year, but there have been some really good ones too.

Anyway, I spent the two hours I've worked so far today straightening the shelves. Not so exciting, but at about an hour in this lady did what may have been a pratfall and lay on the floor by the meat section for almost half an hour before she let the boss call the ambulance. In which she was taken out. So, I've no idea if it was an insurance scam or a real injury or it if it was mentally induced (the stocker who saw it said she was saying she didn't want to get up, just because), but it will probably be the highlight of my day. And considering I finished watching Battlestar Galatica, that probably says what I think about that series.

Got a lot of puzzling done, at least. And may have to move on to a TNG rewatch - or, worse, give SGU another try. *shudders*
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