The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #3

Nate quit today. He didn't even make it a month. Though, from the sound of it, he was pretty close to being fired.

The story? He just walked out. Then called the store to tell them he quit. The idiot.

More work for us, I guess, even if he could barely do his job to begin with. I only got off about 15 min ago and I'm pretty sure I've been running a fever all day... which I hope means I'm getting the flu, not that, idk, my gallbadder's ruptured and when I go in for my consult at some point next week I'll be rushed to emergency surgury. If that sort of thing happens.

Anyway, tired and doing the 31Heroes thing with mom tomorrow. And I want to get some more of my Ancient!John fic written. Also finished S3 of Battlestar Galactica today (yesterday), but I'm too tired to properly mock it now.
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