The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #2

So, wow. It's been a while, but my hours have been absoluetly crazy. The other day I worked a 3-11 shift that turned into a 3-12:30 shift... and had to be in to work the next day at 7, to work til 3. That was awful. Had to do another 3-11, 7-3 the other day, and that wasn't so bad, though the next day I had another 7-3 and slept in til 6:51. I got to work by 7:02, so that's something.

And then, last night, I fell asleep in front of the TV at 7 and woke up at 7 this morning.

I guess that's what you get when you work long hours for min wage while recovering from mono. Though apparently, according to a letter I just got from my dr, my gallbladder's all out of wack and they want to remove it.

As if life couldn't get any better.

But work itself hasn't been so bad. Oh, last fri was killer because of everyone panicking over the storm, despite the fact we're 3+ hrs inland, but we managed to get ahead and this past week I've gotten off early every day. It's been a lot of running the backstock too, though everytime I work the cereal aisle and have to try and straighten something on the bottom shelf (which invariably leads to half my body having to go under the shelf to straighten the whole line) I feel like I'm Alice about to go into Wonderland. Or maybe Narnia. But more into the rabbithole than anything else.

What else? Some of the guys who work stock aren't so bad. One's trying to pay for college, and Nate's intelligent to talk to, even if hes ADD in the extreme and can't talk and shelf at the same time. I've a feeling he's going to get fired before too much longer.

I've also graduated from "baby doll" to "sparky". It's odd, but whatever.

Finished my extreme puzzle last night, and might start on another today. depends on how things go. I feel possitively sick-to-my-stomach right now and wonder if that has something to do with the whole gallbladder thing.

Anyway, funfunfun, and I'll get to work on the next installment of the Ancient!John 'verse tonight now that I'm actually happy with some of what I've written.
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