The Alteran Glossary

Adulator - "Sycophant"
Aetas Lanteae - "Age of Lantea," or the calender that starts upon Atlantis' arrival on the planet Lantea; abbreviated AL
Aetas Pegasi - "Age of Pegasus," or the calender that starts upon Atlantis' arrival in the Pegasus galaxy; abbreviated AP
Albion - A gas giant tidally locked with it's star; Tiria is one of it's moons
Alliance of Four Races, The - A treaty formed 25 million years ago between the Ancients, Asgard, Furlings, and Nox
Alterans - Humanoids from the planet Loegria from an unnamed galaxy who eventually split into Ancients and Ori
Alura Confederacy - A Wraith alliance formed during the original Wraith War
Amator - "Lover"
Amicus - "Friend"
Anbiya - The Furling homeworld
Ancestors - The Ancients who left Avalon for the Pegasus galaxy following the Plague
Ancients - The Alterans who fled their home galaxy following the Schisima, eventually coming to reside in Avalon
Andromeda Galaxy - The Furling home galaxy
Antlia Dwarf Galaxy - The Terran name for Ida
Arcus - Gun
Arcus Adcelerato Magnetibus Inerrantibus Sagittariorum - Railgun
Ars - "Textbook"
Ascension - The act of rising to a higher plane of existence
Asgard - A race of humanoids from the planet Othala in the Ida; members of the original Alliance of Four Races
Asgarthi - The Alteran name for the Asgard.
Astria Porta - "Gate of the Stars," or Stargate
ATA Gene - A gene sequence which keys certain Alteran tech to members of their own species
Atlantis - The fifth of five urbes-naves to reach Avalon; rediscovered by the Terran "Atlantis Expedition" in the year 1 AE
Avalon - Destination of the Ancients following the Schisima; home galaxy to the planets Elphame and Terra

Carissimus - "Beloved" or "Most Loved"
Cathedra - Control Chair
Cataracta - "Drawbridge," or iris
Cicerum - "Of Chickpeas," or hummus
Cimex Iratus - Iratus Bug
Custodia - "Guard," or someone who can hear the song of an urbs-navis
 - "Warden"

Daedalus - Terra's first intergalactic spaceship, under the command of Col. Stephen Caldwell
Decension - The act of returning to corporal form from a higher plane of existence; opposite of Ascension
Discipulus - "Apprentice"
Doranda - Location of Project Arcturus
Doranda Equations, The - The equations involved in recharging ZPMs

Earth - The Terran name for their homeworld; see "Tau'ri" and "Terra"
Elora - Homeworld of the urbs-navis Elorus in the Pegasus galaxy
Elorus - The second of five urbes-naves to reach Avalon; fell in the year 108 AL
Elphame - The Nox homeworld
Eminentia -  "Projection," or hologram
Emissum - "Projector"
Exempli Offensio - The inability of genetic material to be transcribed
Exodus, The - The occasion when the surviving Ancients returned to Terra in the year 138 AL

Fessona - A Lantean Pallantis-class dreadnought
Fidus - "Believer"
Filius - "Son"
Finiens Eventis - "Event Horizion"
Fuci - "Drones"
Furlings - Humanoid race from the planet Anbiya in the Andromeda galaxy; members of the original Alliance of Four Races; also known as the Unfurlers

Gubernator - Pilot

Haeresis - "Heresy," or the belief that the Alteran people are gods; see "Orgin"
Haereticus - "Heretic," or followers of the Haeresis; see "Ori"
Hamaxobii - The Travellers
Heros - "Hero"

Ida - The Asgard home galaxy
Incubti - Extra-Uterine Foetal Incubators
Intellegentia Artificialis - AI
Intellegentia Tacitae - VI

Janus - A Roman god of beginings, endings, and doorways; based off the Alteran Ianus Ishachidus

Lantea - Homeworld of the urbs-navis Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy
Laudes Counselium - "Laurels of the Council," or medals
Legatus - A lieutenant colonel or full-bird colonel in the Lantean Guard
Liberator - "Saviour"
Linter (Lintres) - "Boat," or Alteran starships
Loegria - The Alteran homeworld; decimated by nuclear warfare 75 million years ago

Machinas Aggerum - "Banks of Engines," or drive pods 
Magister - "Teacher"
Maledicus - "Blasphemer," or the Ori name for the Ancients
Matertera - "Maternal Aunt"
Maritus - "Husband"
Martyr - "Martyr"
Medicus - "Medical Doctor"
Meretrix - "Whore"
Muspelheim - An Asgard spaceship
Milky Way, The - The Terran name for Avalon
Moderator - Flight Controller

Nauta - Navagator
Navale - "Port," or space station
Nebirus - The first of five urbes-naves to reach Avalon; fell in the year 65 AL
Niribu - Homeworld of the urbs-navis Nebirus in the Pegasus galaxy
Nox - A race of humanoids from the planet Elphame in Avalon; members of the original Alliance of the Four Races; rendered extinct by the Replicators in 1 AE

Orilla - The new Asgard homeworld
Ori - Ascended Alteran haeretici
Orgin - The religion built around the belief the Ori are gods
Othala - The original Asgard homeworld

Pastor - "Shepherd," or a custodia who has had nanoids implanted with which to communicate with an urbs-navis
Pegasus galaxy - Destination of the Ancients following the Plague; specifically refers to the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy, within the Local Group
Pater (Patres) - "Father"
Pedicaris - "Fuck You"
Pellonia - A Lantean Pallantis-class dreadnought
Peritus - "Expert," or tenured professor
Permutatum - "Exchange," or DHD
Pons Astris - "Bridge of the Stars," or wormhole
Pons Volati - "Bridge of Flight," or cockpit
Potentia - ZPM
Praefectus - "Governor"
Praetor - "Commander," or the Head of the the Lantean Guard
Project Arcturus - A failed Alteran attempt to harness Zero Point Energy from our own universe, headed by Andeo Mael
Project Ragnarök - A failed Asgard attempt to correct their cloning problem with Ancient technology
Forcul Magister

Rdehi Alliance - A Wraith alliance formed during the original Wraith War

Schisma - "Schism," or the war fought 65 million years ago between the Ancients and the Ori
Schismaticus - "Schismatic," or one who believes in the Haeresis but is not a haereticus
Servolum (Servola) - "Little Servant," or robot
Sextarius - 0.546 L
Socors - "Moron"
Spuma Spatii Quattuor Dimensionum - Quantum Foam
Stellis In Universum - "By all the stars [in the universe]"

Tarquinus - The fourth of five urbes-naves to arrive in Avalon; fell in the year 45 AL
Tau'ri - The Goa'uld name for Earth and it's people; see "Terra"
Terra - The Alteran name for Earth; original homeworld of their Descendants; previous Lantean homeworld; also known as Tau'ri
Tiria - Homeworld of the urbs-navis Tirianus in the Pegasus galaxy; a moon in synchronus rotation of Albion
Tirianus - The third of five urbes-naves to arrive in the Pegasus galaxy; fell in 132 AL
Tribunus - A major or lieutenant colonel in the Lantean Guard

Quinia - Homeworld of the urbs-navis Tarquinus in the Pegasus galaxy

Urbs-Navis (Urbes-Naves) - "City-Ship," or the sentient vessels upon which the Ancients left Avalon

Vis Mensurae - Lifesigns detector
Vectura - "Carriage," or transporter
Venae - "Pulse," the Wraith's blue energy weapons

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