The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #1

I've been at my new job for a week now and already my boss is praising my work ethic to here and beyond. Because, apparently, most people don't know how to get things done in the alloted time period. Or continue on to other work of their own accord when they've finished what they've been assigned. It leads me to suspect that compitace is a rare thing in this state (tell me something I don't know) and the potential for reward of said compitance is potentially astounding.

Two, minimum wage sucks, and thank goodness I still live with my parents. And the hours are awful - well, not so much, except they're during the time when I usually write, so progress on "Tribunii", #4 in the Ancient!John 'verse, is slow going. Though the labour is so menial I get to spend a lot of time thinking of things to write. So I've a tenitive post-S5 SGA/Bones crossover in the Ancient!John 'verse planned in my head. I don't know if I'll ever actually write it (it's pure crack), but if people ever want to see it, I might.

Three, the muzak is horrible, but better thant AT&T's, though the result is I have heard "Only Wanna Be With You" at least 5 times this week and, when combined with my usual story-thinking I do while stocking, the result is not pretty. I'll try to avoid plauging the world with that.

Oh, and apparently it's possible to blister your knee. I spend a surprising amount of time on my knees (in a G-rated way) at this new job, including an exciting 1/2 hour on my knees in the ice cream freezer, which is larger than my bedroom and, obviously, holds only ice cream. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat it again, after that experience (it's averaging 96 outside, and I swear I was still freezing when I came home that night, even after the shower). Which is potentially a good thing.

But today's my first day off, and I went walking with mom this morning rather than the gym (just too tired) and hit up the farmer's market after. Got a nice, orgainic NY Strip that I'm looking forward to trying tonight, as well as some stuff to make for mom so she's not reduced to having cereal every night I work. Again.

And I've almost finished my puzzle of Cinderella's castle - which is 2000 peices and the current bane of my existance. I've only spent the last month on it, but it's all snow-covered and everything's about the same color, so... I'm getting my money's worth, I guess.

But I'm going to try to write after dinner, and get some more done after work tomorrow (I get to work Sunday morning, which should be exiciting, internal clock wise). So go me. If I ever figure out how I get paid, I'll be able to replace my iPod soon, and then I'll be able to start my war chest properly, rather than relying on spare change to fill it.
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