Fan Fic Master List

Because I am, at heart, in love with lists, databases, orgazational charts, and other forms of information processing, here is a list of all my fics, with links for both my livejournal account and, as well as other crosspostings, where applicable. Now that I've done this, I might even start post on AO3... but that's another kettle of fish:

Harry Potter
Someone To Run To (lj | ff | AO3)
A girl!Harry/Snape Story in four parts. When Harry follows Sirius into the veil in a fit of despair, what changes will fate have to make to keep him (or, rather her?) from suffering the same fate twice? Cannon through PoA. ~285,000 words  

The Guide Trilogy

The Mythical Creature's Guide To Living In the Modern World (lj |ff | A03)
Jake, Seth, and Leah have broken off from Sam's pack, and even though they all know that no relationship formed under intense situations can ever work out, there's no denying that there's something going on between Jacob and Leah and it's more then just rumours. Cannon through p356 of BD. ~45,000 words  
The Mythical Creature's Guide To Modern Warfare (lj |ff | AO3)
The pack's doing well and Leah's even starting to mellow out (if only a little), but forces outside their control are determined to see them and the Cullens destroyed once and for all. ~90,000 words  
The Mythical Creature's Guide To Manners and Decorum (lj |ff | AO3)
It's easy to fight. It's what comes after that's impossible to get over, and everyone's feeling it. Or, maybe, the Packs have just spent a little too much time as wolves. ~85,000 words  
One-Shots in The Guide series

How Billy Black Spent One Tuesday Morning In September (lj | ff | AO3)
Billy is having breakfast when the bizzare happens: his son comes home for the morning and wants to talk about girls. ~2,400 words  
How the Banana Daiquiri was Made According to Ekaternia Dobryninva (lj | ff | AO3)
The things I learned from Kate, I swear." An... odd... story about the creation of the banana daiquiri, set in Hapsburg Spain. ~3,500 words  
How Jacob Black Made It Through The Worst Day Of His Life (lj | ff | AO3)
Leah takes a trip, but how does Jake cope with her being gone? ~14,000 words  
You (lj | ff | AO3)
Sam's thoughts on a certain someone... Set during "Dalet" and "He." ~3,100 words  

Numb (lj | ff | AO3)
Leah's not happy with her life, and Jacob's been drafted into helping her. Post-BD, no Ness imprint, lite Blackwater. ~4,500 words  
Perfection (lj | ff | AO3)
She knows better than to wish for happy endings anymore. ~900 words  
Front Desk (lj | ff | AO3)
Jake didn't come back for Bella's wedding. No, he stayed away a little longer. This is why he, eventually, came back. ~3,800 words
Do Us Part (lj | ff | AO3)
In real life, happy endings take time. ~1,800 words  
Penguins (lj | ff)  
Beady-eyed penguins will take over the world. ~1,400 words  
Sweet Dreams (lj | ff)  
Sometimes the best things are simple accidents. ~1,800 words  
Fighting Words (lj | ff)  
Nessie has a crazy idea. Semi-Meta ~4,400 words  
Emmett's Incredibly Stupid Idea (lj | ff)  
Two Werewolves and a Vampire walk into a Movie Theatre. Semi-Meta. ~1,800 words  
Spark Notes (lj | podfic | ff | AO3)  
Twilight as interpreted by aadarshinah
Fire (lj | ff)  
Leah's memories of a box, amongst other things [An Author Favourite]. ~4,000 words  
The Mattress (lj | ff)  
Leah buys a new mattress. Jacob helps. ~2,400 words  
Awake (lj | ff)  
Prom Night for Leah brings more questions than it answers. ~2,000 words  
If It's Wrong or If It's Right (lj | ff)  
Alice and Rose get involved in Leah's social life, to some interesting results. ~1,800 words  
Night (lj | ff | AO3)
Leah has a secret, and she wants Jake to know. ~2,000  
Dawn (lj | ff | AO3)
A Sequel to Night. ~1,400 words  
Window (lj | ff)  
You should never leave your window open at night, especially when you live in a town full of half-crazed werewolves. ~1,800 words  
On Lycans (lj | ff)  
A Study of the Quileute Shape-Shifters" by Edward Cullen, Ph.D., M.D., M.B., with notations by Emmett Cullen, D.V.M., M.Eng., Lady's-Man, Man's-Man, Man-about-town. ~2,500 words

Stargate: Atlantis
The Ancient!John-'verse

The Atlantis Experiment (lj | AO3)
 It's the series première of the new Wormhole X-treme spin-off, Pegasus X-treme. A meta-crossover with The Big Bang Theory. (WiP)


The List (lj | ff | AO3)  
Five things that only Rodney knows about John Sheppard (and a few he doesn't). 979 words  
The Best Laid Plans (lj | comm | ff | AO3)
Rodney's life – and, by extension, the lives of everyone else on Atlantis – would be better if only he was having sex on a regular basis. McShep Match 2011 (Team Sheppard) entry for "over the moon." 2,107 words
Discretion (lj | ff | AO3)
And that was how Sam found out about John Sheppard and Rodney McKay. DADT repeal celebration fic. 1,926 words
Recovery (lj | ff | AO3)
Earth hospitals suffer from the terrible affliction of not being Atlantis' infirmary, where the world makes sense. 2,595 words

Star Trek 2009
Failure is Not an Option (lj | ff)
Space is a dangerous frontier, even in 2028. NASA has it's Constellation Project, but recent space disasters have caused manned missions to be considered prohibitably dangerous and so the Space Age, after seventy years, seems to be in it's final hours. There are some, though, who refuse to consider this the end and are working on sending man back to the Moon, without the goverment's knowledge. This is the story of the eight who will make that journey.  ~38,000 words WiP
Try (lj | ff | AO3)  
Kirk's thoughts on being put on academic suspension, sneaking aboard Enterprise, and learning of the Narada's return. ~1,800 words  

Mass Effect
Ascension (lj | ff)
The cycle of galatic distruction has continued for milions of years. Only a handful of relays connect dark space to the inhabited areas of the galactic disc; they must be destroyed. fem!Shepherd/Kaiden ~40,000 words WiP

Star Trek: Enterprise
The Bond (lj | ff)  
Sail Forth - steer for the deep waters only. Reckless O soul, exploring. I with thee and thou with me. For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared go. And we will risk the ship, ourselves, and all. TnT WiP ~40,000 words