Because when it rains...

Life, in short, sucks.

This is not a new thing. Life, for me, routinely sucks, often to the point where I'm forced to wonder if my life is a dream/b-rate movie/poorly constructed work of fiction/etc and if anyone's actually enjoying it.

This week in particular has been very sucky. For one, I've not heard back from the job interveiw, and I'm actually kinda worried because, well, I saw the stack of fifty applications for the two positions available, and it's not exactly like there's much room for career advancement in either. In fact, being hired is more likely to trap me in a life of lower-middle-class-dom than it is to improve me life any. But, hey, whatever, it's a job, and the economy has to get better sometime, right?

For another, I, in my infinate wisdom, joined the mc_shep match, forgetting how much I hate prompted writing. It's due by the 17th too, which is okay 'cause, after a dozen false starts, I think I've finally got something I want to keep. But, whatever, it should be fun. Maybe even get me some new readers for my other fanfics.

But, mostly, I've also had about ten vials of blood drawn from me this week (I counted). Why, you might ask? Because it turns out I have mono.


And I ask you, how did I get the so called "Kissing Disease" when I have not, in fact, kissed anyone in, oh god... almost five years? I still don't know, but apparently I've had it for eight to ten weeks, meaning that about the time I started school up again/Dad came home on leave/everyone visited for my brother's graduateion, I caught it.

And here I was thinking I was so sick afterwards because of all the stress.

Nonetheless, this whole mono thing has caused quite a stir in the household, mostly because my insurance is as b-rate as my life and my doc is insiting I get an ultrasound of my spleen/liver/etc to make sure everything's in working order. Because, apparently, mono means that they can not be.

Though it does mean my interesting series of naps can be explained. I've counted, and I've spent more time asleep this week alone than I have awake. Take today for example: I went to bed at 10, woke up at 7, went to the gym, took a nap at 9:30, woke up at 2, and now, at 9, I'm considering going to bed again, as I have since about 6.

Life sucks sometimes.

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