Battlestar Galactica S1 commentary

So, first things first: I absolutely hate this show. I tried watching the premire a couple weeks ago, but hated it so much I only got halfway through. There is far, far, far too much religion - of any kind - in this seires for it to be properly classified as SyFy. We're supposed to be beyond religion in the future, or, if we're not, it's supposed to be delt with the way they deal with the Bajoran faith in DS9, which is to say, it's there, but that's really it.

So, anyway, I was in a mood the other day and couldn't concentrate on anything actually interesting, so I put Battlestar Galatica back on in the background while I puzzled and, probably because I was mostly not watching it, I got a lot of puzzling done. So I continued, mostly because I like having things on in the background while I puzzle.

What do I have to say about the series itself, though? It's bad. Horrific. I mean, the idea is interesting, but it doesn't really address any of the real questions - like why did they create the cylons in the first place, why did they rebel, why are they so keen on chasing humanity down now that they're practically extinct, why do they want to be like humans so much if humans apparently screwed everything up so badly; why do they believe in one god while the humans believe in several? - and succumbs too often to cliches. In fact, the only thing I'm generally surprised by is that Starbuck actually slept with Gaius, and never actually admited what she has feelings for Apollo.

Other than that, the show was quite predictable and rarely interesting, though I must admit to finding Helo's story the only part I could really force myself to pay attention to - though I am inclined to look up and see if there's any interesting Bill Adama/Laura Roslin fanfic out there...

*shakes head* I'll keep watching though. Mostly because it's done nothing as unforgiveable as SGU to force me to stop watching.
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