Sherlock S1 commentary

Well, first off, I only started watching this because a) I have a thing for British accent and b) Mom said it was good. I've tried reading the Sherlock Holmes books before and not cared for them. In fact, the only thing I've ever really liked by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has been the Lost World TV series based off the books of the same name - and that was for the show's innate corniness, as well as the cliche dynamic between Margurite and whatshisname, with the hat.

But anyway. I started watching it. And I loved it. I loved the modern take on the charectors, particularly with the way the rest of the world just blithely assumes they're gay - and, at times, you really can see it. I mean, that pool scene at the end, after Moriarti has left and Sherlock's helping to remove the bomb? That is just so full of raw emotion that it's just... it's more than friendship. Maybe just a strong friendship, but, seriously, that little bit is almost exactly like I picture a scene for my Ancient!John rewrite of "The Eye"...

But it's funny and quriky and it makes me want to be that Sherlock when I grow up, even though a) I believe, quite conclusively and unfortunately, I am grown up and b) I've been reliably informed I'm rather Holmes-like already.

Anyway, just watch it. I myself can't wait for series 2 to come out this fall. Hopefully it'll play on BBC America.
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