Notes for Pastor, Custodia, et al

Firstly, let me say that, while I know that Latin is not the directo equivolent of Alteran I'm making it out to be, I prefer to use the readily available language rather than make up nonsense words and call it a language. Because, knowing me, I'd go too far in depth for a fanfic, and I just don't have the time.

Secondly, while pronouncation is in no way issue in a read fic, it may help you to know that, when I write this, I intend to use to the closest-to-original pronoucations for the words. So "J" becomes "I" and, is pronounced as a palatal approximant - like the y in you rather than the i sound in free. "C" and "G" are both always pronounced hard, and "H" is, unlike in most modern Romance languages, always pronounced. So "Iohannes" is pronounced more like the orginal Hebrew (Yôḥanan) than the modern-day equivalents - ie, yo-HAN-es.

And, thirdly, a moment's digression into the Roman naming system. Roman names came in three parts: the nomen, or first name; the gens, or last name; and the cognomen, or nickname. Because I've a fondness for overly complicated names (see STaRT for examples), I've decided to use it for the Lantean names as well. Additionally, I've added a fourth part - a title, or dignitas. But, like all names, not all four parts are needed to make a complete name, nor are all used in conversation.


first namelast namenicknametitle
JohnSon of JanusSpiky/Bristly-HairedShepherd

However, I figure your average Marine, even one in the SGC, doesn't know too much about the above, and so would likely assume that Pastor, being the final name in the series, was Iohannes' last name. Taking that and the fact that tribunus, his military rank, roughly translates as major, Iohannes Ianiedus Licinus Pastor becomes Major John Sheppard.

And now, for what you've probably all been waiting on, the translations. Please note that while these are as close to the Latin as possible, some things (like wormholes) just don't translate. Other words do not translate exactly, and still others take on slightly different meanings than their Roman counterparts. With that in mind:
cathedracontrol chairastria portastargate
pons astriswormholemeretrix(attention) whore
medicusmedical doctordoctorscientific doctor
tribunusMajorlegatus(Lt.) Colonel
praetormilitary commanderpraefectuscolonial governor
laudes counceliummedalsadulatorsycophant
spuma spatii
quattuor dimensionum
intellegentia artificialis AIvis mensuraelife-sign/biometrics

One last thing - while some of these terms, especially the latter, are religious, in this case "The Schism" refers to time when the Ori and Alterans went seperate ways. "Heresy" is the Alteran term for Ori's belief that they are gods, and "Heretic" refers to the Ori in general.