Housekeeping and Other Nonsense

So, first thing's first: I gave my presentation on my final project for school today and I think it went well so, theoretically, I'll finally have my degree on thursday. Theoretically.

Second, apparently Visual Bookshelf on fb is closing down, which is kinda sad 'cause I was #98 on it and was trying to break into the top 50. I twas able to transfer everything over to GoodReads though and, while I've not yet made up my mind about that site, my profile can be found here, if, you know, you're interested for some reason.

Third, went to the eye doctor today. Had to dilate my eyes. Fun there. Amazingly enough, my percription hasn't changed much, which really doesn't explain my headaches, butr what can you do?

Fourth, finally finished Terminal World by Alistair Reynolds. Great book. Just a shame I wasn't able to sit down and just read it, without RL interuptions. Started On Killing by Dave Grossmen. It's interesting so far.

Fifth, about halfway through with the sequel to "Pastor", which I'm tenatively calling "Custodia," and hopefully should be able to knock out some more of it tonight...

And, yeah. That's about it.
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