Stargate: Universe commentary

I tried. I really, truely did. I was able to get through the horrors of SG1 seasons 1 and 2 to find the gold underneath, and to discover the wonder that was SGA.

But SGU was just... "Air" was entirely too long, even for a pilot, and the story could have been told much more easily without the use of flashbacks. Plus the whole communications stones thing just seemed a bit too convient, giving the story an upleasant feeling of trying to be VOY without any of the actual issues VOY had to deal with, minus the whole never getting home thing. Add in the extreme use of religion (as in, it's present beyond a mere mention) for SyFy and the whole Destiny will take care of us mentality... and I barely made it to "Earth".

But "Earth". "Earth" just takes the cake. As above stated, I find the whole communications stones thing just awful, particularly as it would have been more interesting to tell the story without them. Or to use them to bring in people from, oh, the previous series to help them. And the way that the whole crew just seems to accept them far more easily than a crew made up of primarily SGC personel even would.

But there are just some things you don't do while inhabiting someone else's body. Like have sex with your estranged wife. I don't care whose conciousness it is, that's a squick too far even more me. And I read a lot of strange fanfiction.

So, yeah, the moment Everett and Young changed positions in the middle of that episode (colitus interuptus and while walking respectively), I turned it off. And, unless anyone has compelling reasons as to why I shouldn't, I'm giving up on SGU. Even Battlestar Galatica has to be better than it.
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