Stargate: Atlantis S5 commentary

Well, it's finally happened. I've finished Stargate: Atlantis. And, God, was it good. So good that I kept drawing it out, watching one episode here, one episode there, because I just didn't want it to end.

Granted, season 5 wasn't my favourite - I think that would be a toss-up between seasons 3 and 4 - but it was still pretty amazing. Amazing enough that my mom was walking through the room while I was watching "The Queen" and ended up staying to watch the rest the episode with me. And to rewatch the pilot. But there were a lot of strong episodes.

"Search and Rescue," "The Daedalus Variations," "Ghost in the Machine," "The Prodigal," "Remnants," and "Infection" were all strong, solid episodes. "First Contact" and "The Lost Tribe" were possibly some of the most amazing things I've ever seen - I mean, evil Asgard? That would have been so amazingly cool to explore, had there been a 6th season.

But still. "Broken Ties" was only redemable for the super-cool/amazingly-hot final fight scene - the one where Sheppard ends up sliding halfway across the floor of a hive on his knees, guns in both hands blazing. I've looked for an icon with it, then went and tried to make my own, but it kinda loses something when it's not moving, and I don't have the software to make animated .gifs. "The Queen" was interesting, but I've never really been a fan of Teyla episodes. Or scenes. Or Ronan ones for that matter.

"The Shrine" was good, if painful to watch, and probably would be a lot better if that bit with Keller wasn't there. In fact, the whole series would have been better if there hadn't been the whole Keller/McKay ship, which I find so unbelievably unbelievable that it should say something when even the charectors can't believe they're together. And I'm not just saying this because of my rampant McKay/Sheppard-ness. I mean, it's John that McKay calls for in this episode when he's loosing his mind, not Keller or Jeanie or even his parents or whatnot. (I've also noticed that, after the Keller/McKay relationship starts, that look Sheppard gets - the one that makes you think you could write novels about what you see in his eyes - gets darker and more intense, almost as if... well, I know what I read into it. Though it did make that whole "I don't owe you anything"  scene in "Infection" particularly, amazingly intense.)

I'm still not sure what to make of replicatorWeir, though she was hardly acting any differently than when she was completly human. It's just the people she was trying to save were different.

"Tracker" and "Brain Storm" had just too much Keller in them for me, and, well, see "The Shrine" commentary above.

But "The Prodigal" was just amazing - and not just for the whole irony of so much of the storyline being similar to ENT's "Demons" and "Terra Prime". Trinner did a wonderful, believable evil here... and, while I'm glad Michael was finally taken care of, at least he was finally utilized to his full potential in this episode. It makes me long to see Trinner in more stuff. And I'm not talking about more 5 min spots on shows like The Closer - though those were an amazing 5 min, - I'm talking about full on lead role, like in ENT, or at least a strong supporting rool, like in SGA. And, one last thing, Teyla's 'woman power' in this episode? Totally the coolest thing she's ever done, and the most I've ever liked her charector.

"Idenity" was the one Keller-centric episode I've ever actually kinda liked.

"Vegas" was offically the coolest, most self-indulgent, and most throughly-thought-out cannon AU I've ever seen. Part of me laughed the whole way throught, just because it was so much fun (how long had they been waiting to make the Wraith/Marlyn Manson joke?), and part of me felt like crying at the end, with Vegas!Sheppard just being left to his fate... Even though it wasn't our Sheppard, it was one of the saddest things I've seen in a while. And I went and saw the last HP movie today, so that's saying something.

And "Enemy at the Gate"... It was a good ending. A strong ending. Better than SG-1's finale, that's for sure, but... Oh, god, was it heart-wrenching. John being called away like that? And then going to blow himself up with a nuke again? And McKay's willingness to die to destroy the hive... there was so much charector growth, for everyone involved, between "Rising" and "Enemy at the Gate." And so much was echoed between the first and the last episodes...

God, I want to cry now. Or find some nice post-Atlantis fic to read. Just... this was a powerful season. A powerful series. Far more serious than SG-1 ever was, but still able to poke fun at itself (the Star Trek references for one, and Star Wars, and, well, a lot of the back-and-forth between the charectors). It's almost like I've lost a good friend, now that this is over. There's still SGU, which I'll probably start tomorrow, but...
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Missing SGA
Amen! To yor comments. I totally agree. Did you come late to the series? It seems as if you did. If, so I'm glad I was not the only one, as i found the show as it was starting it's 4th season. Since then I've become a rabid fan and worship at the alter of McShep, lol. I'm enjoying your ancient!John fix and hope you continue to write.
Re: Missing SGA
Yeah. Never watched an episode of SG1 before this May, and picked up SGA right after. I'm currently working my way back through SGA, just 'cause I liked it so much.

But, yeah, I became a rabid McShep fan myself before I'd finished watching the second season.

I'm working on part 3 of my Ancient!John seires (and if you've any suggestions on what to call said series, I'm all ears)... and I've plenty more ideas. At least for 2 more in-series fics and 1 SGU crossover story... even if I couldn't stand SGU enough to finish the first season... so no worries. plenty more where "Pastor" and "Custodia" came from.