Why do I always end up doing this?

Posting twice in a row, I mean, but I guess I just don't like cluttering my movie commentaries with other randomness. I guess

  1. "The military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy is back in place for the time being, with one major caveat: the government is not allowed to investigate, penalize or discharge anyone who is openly gay." Now, personally, this one just kicks me. I don't see what anyone's private activies have to do with their work, in any line of work (except, perhaps, for the adult entertainment industry). Why does it matter if someone's gay? Does it have anything to do with how he or she preforms his or her job? Is a gay soldier somehow less able to defend this country or any other? You'd think that they'd make better soldiers, considering they're currently able to preform their duties and hide who they truly are, which is assuredly a stressful thing to do.... But whatever. I've always been of the what you do doesn't matter, so long as it doesn't hurt anybody mentality.
  2. Progress on the sequel to "Pastor" is slow, largely because I keep desiding to rewrite it every time I get two pages in. Hopefully that will change with it's current incarnation.
  3. My brother is angry at me for some unknown reason. It's all very bizzare.
  4. I think I've finally kicked my mexican food craving, though it was a long and tedious process.

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