A Moment's Digression

It is currently 12:49 in the afternoon.

I've already had to deal with my brother and my mom at the gym today (which is supposed to be my sanctuary, the place I go to get the hell away from them.) It is mom's first actual day as a member of said gym, and she's already got half the people calling me by a nickname I've been trying to shake for years - it's not a bad one, but it's like, oh, calling a guy Dick when he'd rather go by Richard.

And then I tried to get onto moodle to take a test today... and moodle wouldn't let me login. Apparently, it wouldn't let most anyone login either, but still. It was annoying.

So, when moodle's finally working, I take the test. Which was almost as annoying as the Javascript class it was for. I mean, seriously, It's the seventh week of class. WTF are we doing the chapter on debugging now, when school's out in 2 weeks? Seriously, why do you write a book and make that chapter eight? It's more like a chapter three thing, after learning how to do basic coding and pre-made functions.

But whatever. It was dull, so I did my homework in class and then discovered that I was so far ahead that I'd nothing to do but work on my final project, which, btw, is due in 2 weeks and I'm starting to freak out about, even though I've everything but the video and 1.5 websites done. It's not too bad - in fact, I'll probably finish early - but still. I'd really rather be working on the sequel to "Pastor," as I've the writing bug now and I know the moment I get home I'll lose it, but what can you do? I've tried writing at school before and it just ends badly. And I don't have my latin dictionary with me either, so... *shrugs*

So, yeah, now I get to hang around and work on this project until my next class - which is at 4:30. Then probably I'll have to hang around for the one other person in that class to show up. And then we'll spend 15 min looking at our projects (most of which will be spent with her booting up her computer and making excuses as to why she's not accomplished anything, again). And then I'll get to go home.

At least I've most of my videography final done. I did the music video for it last night, and, yes, I was going for "tacky". It's my brother playing the Rock Band 3 version of "Radar Love". Mom's comp at home has spent the last 253 min trying to upload it and, if my brother's been nice and checked on it for me, it should be almost done. Hopefully. I'll post the link here later if nothing's gone wrong.

What else? Oh, I think I've finally reached the bottom of the SGA McKay/Sheppard fic well, and can't seem to find any more decent ones to read. If anyone has any rec's, feel free to share. Please. Or direct me the way of some SG1 Sam/Jack fic that doesn't make me want to go the Oedipal route and claw out my eyes with a broach. By which I mean decent.

I should actually get to work on this project of mine now if I want to graduate, I suppose, Le sigh. Life sucks sometimes.
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