Pastor (Notes)

Notes To "Pastor"

So, yeah, this was supposed to be a 1k word drabble. Obviously, it became something else. And, if the bug sticks, it might become a series. But, anyway, you'll need translations and such, so....

I had fun with John's Ancient name. As always. Iohannes Ianidus basically translates as John, son of Janus. Licinus and Pastor are cognomen - nicknames, like ceasar or augustus or cato. Licinius bascially is "spike-hair," and, yes, I couldn't resist; pastor translates as shepherd but, in context, well, is basically a title. Ilaria, his great-grandmother's name, is the Latin equivolent of Hillary for all interested parties.

Anyway, latin translations with an SGA twist:

cathedra: Control Chair

astria porta: Stargate

pons astris: Wormhole

meretrix: literally, Prostitute; in context, Attention Whore

pastor: Shepherd

medicus: medical doctor

tribunus: an mid-rank officer in the Roman army (~Major)

caracacta: litterally, Porticullis; in context, Iris

vectura: transporter

praetor: general

legatus: a high-ranking officer in the Roman Army, (~colonel)

laudes councelium: medals

adulator: sycophant

urbes-naves: city-ships

custodiae: guardians

potentia: ZPMs

spuma spatii quattuor dimensionum: quantum foam

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