I Haz iPod...

I think. After 24+ hrs in rice, I have retrieved my iPod and it appears to be working... which is good, because I was telling my mom earlier that, if it didn't, I would have to get a new one, or else I might never survive school. She didn't believe me and nearly made me sell my soul for permission to buy a new one (if needed) with my own money. I mean, wtf is with that?

But whatever. I've given up trying to understand parents. All I know is that, 11ish, I got a call from the Uni asking me if I'd be willing to sell my body to science for a revisit of a study I did back in April. At 2pm today. So I did. And that was fun. I got to watch 1.5 episodes of Blue Planet and do some annoying but basic math while hooked up to an ECG. And got money, so..
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