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So, I just spent 2 hrs trying to upload one of the stupid videos I had to make for my videography class and, right as it's about to be finished, it tells me my video cannot upload due to an unknown error. And it's just like, great. Thanks YouTube. I've yet to have any unfrustrating experiences with either it or gmail.

That, and I'm reading (and I admit this with only a modicum of shame, having lost the last of my fanfic-related shame when I started in on my fourth or fifth fandom; for those interested in said shame it was 1) HP and lots of guilty feelings and existential angst, followed about 18 months later by 2) Twilight and massive amounts of shame and self-absement, then 3) Mass Effect and mild guilt about 9 months after that, 4) ENT and mild guilt about 3 months later, and then VOY, ST:IX, a breif flirtation with X-Files, an unsuccessful attempt at finding decent SG1, and now lots and lots of SGA) this absoluely awful SGA bdsm fic. Awful in that it's well-written, a plotty porn, and only makes me go "Kill me now," and "Pain! Physical Pain!" every other chapter, which is more than I can say for most VOY episodes.

The awful part is that, in the midst of all this complex top/submissive worldbuiling for the alternate universe the alt!John and alt!Rodney hail from, I have really one strange concern: how did Henry VIII work out in their universe then? 'Cause, in that universe, a "top" can have mulitple "subs" and people are bi by nature - to the extent that heterosexuals are actually called "monos". And, in the midst of all the porn, this remains my lingering question.

Though, admittedly, my second question is whether the author in question is either a sex fiend or 60yr-old, mild-mannered maiden aunt. And, honestly, I really, really don't want to know the answer. My third is, Cadwell/Carson? Really? Uh, it doesn't work, in any universe.

(ps. the story in question is xanthe's "General & Dr. Sheppard" and it's prequel "Coming Home" and, really, it's all so insane I'm kinda rolling my eyes, but there are parts I rather enjoy. And, no, most those parts are not, oddly enough, the porny bits.)
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