I Haz PodFic!

The amazing, lovely, and all-around great reena_jenkins has granted me podfic! Specifically, a podfic of my half-mocking, half-completey serious, and entirely mad breakdown of the Twilight series - "Spark Notes" - a fic which, to this day, remains the only thing of mine my brother has ever read. If I didn't have the proof from his english classes, I might say it's the only thing he's ever read. But it's not, so...

Anyway, this is me posting the links in fangirlish glee:

Reena Jenkin's Post
"Spark Notes" Podfic (08:48 min)
"Spark Notes" on lj (~1,500 words)
"Spark Notes" on (~1,500 words)

Summary: The Twilight series, through aadarshinah 's eyes. [Or, How To Explain Twilight To A 16 Year Old Boy, Or Anyone Else For That Matter]
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