Kings commentary

Kings was a show I loved - and hated - in equal measure when it came on TV. First, the whole religion thing kina bugged me, which is understandable, but when I started accepting it for what it was - ie, a retelling of the David and Goliath myth with heavier religious overtones than most - I really, truely, loved it.

So I got it from Netflix figuring, it's only three discs, so why not? But I went to make dinner tonight, intending to watch one episode while I cooked and ate, and ended up watching the whole disc. It's that engrossing. And, frankly, I'm annoyed beyond all belief that they only ever made one season.

Don't get me wrong - anyone who saw "Sabbath Queen" probably knows just how horrible that episode was and, for all it's brillant idea-filled-ness, it just didn't work. And that was probably when most people stopped watching, and thus the show got cancelled.

But "Goliath"? That was brilliant in so many sorts of ways it's almost disgusting to think of how perfect a pilot it was. Royal intrigue, a hint of religon, war, heroes... it set the whole tone for the series and, if they had all been consistantly up to that level? It would have been a great show. Even if it was too cerebral for people other than me. Kinda like Dollhouse in that way, even if it appealed to a different audience.

The charectorizations were so true to life, though, and the acting... even if almost everyone was never in anything else, like ever, except for Andrew - who I still think was exiled for either wearing women's clothing or kleptomania. And the speeches. And the way that even the most religious had their crises of faith...

Hated the "wedding" at the end, though. Hated the Queen, mostly, though I think you're kinda supposed to hate her. Love Jack's charecter arc. Love Michelle's rather less. Am rather annoyed that it took until "Chapter One" for David to even start to grow a pair.

Silas, though. Silas made the show. He was the charecter the show needed to make it work. Pity it never caught on.
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