The Peanut Gallery of My Life I

More random thoughts in my long, long list of thoughts-I-should-probably-be-ashamed-to-have:

I've figured out how to make the Bones/SGA fic work. Takes place in 3rd season Bones (between "The Santa in the Slush" and "The Man in the Mud") and 4th season SGA (during "The Kindred"), which puts it in about February o f 2008. Bones and team are summoned to Atlantis for their anthropology thing regarding some bodies they've discovered off-world that may-or-may-not have been victims from centuries past of the plague that's now raging across the Pegaus Galaxy. The team eventually discovers that, no, they're not, and it's the Hoffan vaccine killing people, but before that happens you get some interesting thin gs. Such as:
  • Booth and Sheppard know of each other, vaugely, from some previous posting
  • Rodney ranting about how anthropology is a soft science and will be the downfall of them all
  • Sweets eventually determining that John and Rodney's interactions speak of Unresolved Sexual Tensions, only to discover that their tensions are resolved, thank you very much, and this is just their normal operating procedure

Even more worryingly, this prompt popped into my head, also an SGA that somehow ends up McKay/Sheppard: Two members of the Atlantis Expedition come to Elizabeth in the first year or two of the mission (before the bridge, anyway), wanting to get married. However, they discover that Elizabeth doesn't actually have the authority to preform a ceremony that would be legally binding on Earth, due to the SGC's strange off-world marriage mandates. Eventually a survey is preformed, and it seems that Rodney is the only one who legally can.
I was randomly wikipedia-ing and discovered that, of the countries that allow for LGBTs to serve in their militaries, the only one in Africa is South Africa. That's right, South Africa, which until recently had Apartheid, allows gays to serve in its military and the US, the wonderful bastion of freedom that we are, does not. I really shouldn't be as surprised as I am.
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