Stargate: Atlantis S4 commentary

I think it's like offically taken me longer to watch season 4 than it did to watch all of SG1, what between Dad and School and brother's Graduation and discovery of SGA fanfiction and all, but I think it was worth it. 'Cause know how I said season 3 was wonderful? So was four. Only better. Except for the parts where it wasn't.

I mean, first, Sam on Atlantis? Cool, even if at times I feel that they were trying a little to hard to remind everyone that SG1 had just ended and spawned SGA... but what can you do? "Adrift" was just like, so cool, and the special effects (not only there, but throughout the season) were just wow. And "Lifeline"? Just as amazing, only more so. And don't even get me started on "Doppleganger" and "Tabla Rasa". Those might seriously be the two most amazing episodes SGA has ever produced. They are, in many respects, the "Grace" and "Abyss" for their respective charectors, and, I swear, if there wasn't McKay/Sheppard before "Doppleganger," there was afterwards. Or, at least, should have been.

"This Mortal Coil," "Be All My Sins Remember'd," and "Spoils of War" also go on the whole This Is Awesome list, as does "Miller's Crossing". And, some things about these episodes?

One, the way Sam stands up to Ellis about Rodney? That was so totally the best thing Sam ever did, and just proves why Weir really shouldn't have been in charge after the Wraith got loose because, hell, she never did anything like that.

Two, there are times when John can be far scarier than anyone on SG1 ever was, and if "Doppleganger" didn't do it for you, the way he basically convinced a man to kill himself so that Rodney wouldn't and Jeannie could live should've. I mean, just wow. And the fact that it was kinda amazing probably says more about me than it does about the show.

And, three? John may be the scary one for the above stated reasons, but Rodney has reprogramed the Replicators like twice now, which, when you think about it, is basically the machine equivalent of brainwashing or genocide, and totally created FRAN - a living, thinking entity - as a weapon on mass destruction, which is an awful lot like what Nirrti did with Cassandra in SG1, only with less humanity and more Replicators. And what do people say to his mass-murdering tendencies? Absolutely nothing. Which, in a way, makes him scarrier than Sheppard. Even if they rather cruelly overuse him for the comic effect - see "Reunion" and "Quarentine" especially.

"Harmony" was just stupid. I couldn't get into "Trio," and, despite my Conner Trinnier love, had a real hard time getting into "The Kindred" until Carson showed up, 'cause that was just like, woah. That, and I'm starting to get annoyed by the way we hear aboslutely nothing about Michael for 17 episodes or show, then he shows up to be the big bad at the end of the season and never really gets truely beaten. It's just... well, annoying.

What else? "Outcast" would have been cooler if there was more Sheppard family interation, less NID manhunt. Or Rodney had gone along but, hey, that's what fanfiction is for, I guess... I liked "Travellers," but wouldn't ever watch it again... "Missing" kinda annoyed me, but, then again, Teyla and the Athosians have always kinda annoyed me, in much the same way Teal'c-centric episodes of SG1 did. And I'm feeling kinda up in the air about "The Last Man". I mean, way cool idea, but I think it might've worked better if it wasn't the season finale. That, and the last 3 min or so of it felt really rushed. And the whole McKay/Keller thing was just strange, even if it was only a mild subplot.

Oh well. Onto 5 I guess. And then SGU. And then... god, I don't know what after that. Suggestions are welcome.
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