Reasons Why I'm A Terrible Person

I've had two - no, make that three terrible thoughts today which, in revealing, probably show me to be a terrible person. In my defense, two of them are fanfic related, so that probably mitigates the terribleness some.

1) SGA/Bones fussion fic. Don't ask me why this is terrible, just that it is. It's a crack!bunny waiting to happen, and addiction, I suppose, is never the answer.

2) I've been wracking my brain for a way to make a crossover/fussion fic for SGA and Enterprise. I mean, we can get all sorts of x-over excitement with ST:IX - Bones becomes Reaper from Doom or Eomir from LotR or Cupid from Xena, and there have been one or two (poorly executed, in my opinion) Spock as Sylar a la Heroes fics... (Though, to be honest, I'm really waiting for the ST:IX/Thor fics that will eventually surface. Preferably if it manages to be a ST:IX/Thor/Xena fic). I've seen some HP/DW xovers, with 10 doubling as Crouch Jr; some HP/Twilights, with Edward as Diggory; hell, I'm sure there are some out there that exist only in the netherrealms of possibility that are even more obsure - but how, honestly, do you manage to make it so Michael from SGA is Trip from Enterprise. I mean, I get change of loyalties, Wraith-living-forever-ness, and maybe some general morality, but then how do you explain Lizzie? And how would T'Pol not know, especially considering their bond?
IDK. I guess the fact that I'm still trying to figure how it would possibly work is my sin here.

3) My most terrible of thought: Shows like the whole 17 Kids and Counting or whatever it's called about the Druggars are the Christian Right's way of telling themselves it's OK to have sex. God, it's probably true, but it makes me feel like I've kicked somebody's puppy.

I did finish (baring one photo I have to take than paste in) my print catologue for my project today. Once that's added, it's done, and then I can make it into a PDF catologue and then I've only... oh, tonnes more to go.
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If those are terrible thoughts, I'm the fucking devil.

I love crossover fic, when it well done. I've seen several lame HP/Twilight crossovers. I have a WIP fic that is a Firefly/Deadwood crossover, and my OTP is a crossover pairing between Firefly and Dr. Who (Nine and River 4Eva!). ;)

I hate those shows that validate people that have so many kids that their older kids have to get jobs to support the over-sized family. WTF? I'm also annoyed that there are a ton of polygamy shows, but not a single polyamory. Cause it's okay for a man to multiple wives, but a women couldn't possible do that same thing.

See, you're not so terrible after all. ;)
no, still terrible, because I *figured out* how to make the SGA/Enterprise crossover work. It involves the Vulcans being decendants of a subgroup of Wraith the Ancients managed to convert back to human (mostly) during the war and, well, just terrible terribleness all around.

And then I went on to think of a way for an SGA/Firefly crossover to work (with Dixion having a gate malfunction, taking on the Janye persona, and being reunited with his family at some point) and entertain thoughts of starting my own cult, because at least it's constant employment.

I'm pretty sure polyamory is "multi-love" in the whole, no-marriage, multiple partners sense, and that a woman with many husbands is "polygyny". They used to do that in parts of Nepal, I think, so maybe if you look up some Nepalese reality TV?