Pretend I Said Something Cool Here

So, this is my life:
Thursday, I have to spend all day driving up to airport and back to pick up Grandmother, who I've hardly said two words to since the Dubai Incident of '09. We did get to go to Mellow Mushroom though, so it wasn't a total loss.
And then my brother tore a tendon in his leg at a pre-Graduation party. At 11:45 at night. The day before his graduation. I laughed so hard it hurt. He's fine though, so, yeah.
Friday, Grandfather (Grandmother's ex) arrived. He immediately began drinking, and I had to take measures to keep him from driving. Dinner at Olive Garden was painful, to say the least. Had to watch Sister eat, among other horrors. Spent most the time stiring drink and staring at the celing. And booths are bad ideas when someone's wearing a leg brace and using crutches. Arrive at brother's school at 7:30. Graduation is set for 8. It begins raining at 7:50. Administration dithers and dathers until 8:45, when they decide to move the graduation into the auditorium. 9:30, graduation begins. 11:30, it ends. Brother going across stage in crutches most hillarious thing I've ever seen, even if I was in the absolute back row. We then went home and had cake and ice cream. Grandfather left around midnight. Didn't get to bed until nearly 1.
Sat and Sun were were recovery days, in which Brother and I played much Lego Star Wars III, which is confusing and dizzying and I've no idea of the plot line at all, but is fun.
Monday, drove Grandmother to airport. Glad I went in with her, because she couldn't figure out where to check in or where to drop off her luggage. It was pathetic in the extreme. Then went to school and frantically tried to get all the homework I couldn't do because of grandparents done before class. Which I did, if only barely.

In other news, I've been bitten by the story bug again (still working on FINAO, but the next chappie is killing me. With Extreme prejudice). It's for a "Written by the Victors"-esque SG-1 story. We'll see what happens, but, yeah.
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