Things I should do something about

So, had to miss class to pick up grandma from airport today. It's an hour drive each way, and I was nearly ready to claw my own eyes out at the end of it. For a woman who's been divorced since I was in high school, she sure talks an awful lot about her ex-husband, my grandfather. He arrives tomorrow for my brother's graduation. She's been here less than 24 hrs and already I'm feeling homocidal. We did go to the Mellow Mushroom again today, Mom and grandma and brother and me, and you know what that means. It was so totally worth it. I felt totally de-stressed for all of about two hours.

I've been trying to write - or work on my project, or anything really - but having a sucky time of it. Both for FINAO and one-shots I have bouncing around my head. So, time for another edition of fics-I'll-never-write:
  1. Ancient!John (seriously, I've only seen one fic with this and it's my new favourite-idea-ever), with Janus as his dad. Little John leaves Atlantis with other Ancients following the events of "Before I Sleep." However, rather than ascending or living out a normal life, he's cursed by The Others, probably for his father's actions during "Before I Sleep," to live forever. Or, at least, until some currently unspecified event. Fast forward to season one, in which John finds himself the military commander of an expedition to a city he barely remembers. Cue them finding old!Elizabeth a la the beginning of "Before I Sleep" and the truth being revealed. Somehow this is McKay/Sheppard.
  2. Atlantis University - and, despite the acronym, is not an AU. Starts when John, during their debreifing on death after "The Seige, Part III," mentions to Rodney his fears that Atlantis will be taken away from him and says that, if it is, he might leave the military all together - maybe even going back to school - in this 'verse, he'll have gotten as far as a masters in mathematics, but got called off to The Gulf War before he could go farther with his studies. When they get back on Atlantis, Rodney (with help of random PhDs about the city) creates a graduate studies-level program on Atlantis for John (and, eventually, others, as cross-training occur) that he bullies someone in the military to do something so the degrees awarded are recongized by other colleges. Cue McKay/Sheppard developing over course of John's doctorate studies and happy ending.
  3. McKay/Sheppard are back on Earth, Atlantis lost for some unspecfied reason. Former is teaching at backwater university whose physics department has become less backwater since he joined it, oh, about 7 years previously. Latter is doing something, possibly teaching math, maybe just flying commerically, maybe running his dad's business. Only closest of close know anything about their pasts at all - plenty of rumours, but few connect them to each other and fewer still believe those that do (even when they really, really are). Cue declassification of Stargate program. They become as if Rock Stars overnight. Hijinks ensue.

Also, my back is still killing me from yesterday, but what can you do?
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