This is what I did in my Javascript class....

This is what I did in my Javascript class to keep from falling asleep. Seriously, I don't know what it is with that class - whether its the time or the subject or what - but I keep on nodding off during the lecture parts, for like 20 or 30 seconds at a time. It's really disconcerting.

So I made I list in my notebook of cannon clues that prove my Stargate ships exist in more than my head and my little ideas on how to make a fic out of them: (If you want to, go right ahead, but do tell me first, please and thank you).

Here's what I have for Stargate: SG1 (Sam/Jack)
  • "Children of the Gods": Sam thinks Jack looks down on her for being a female airman, when really he dislikes her because she's a scientist and he dislikes them on principle.
  • "Broca Divide": They've gotten to an acceptance of each other and their abilities by this point, but any attraction is purely lizzard-brained.
  • "Solitudes": The first sign of true friendship and the posibility of something deeper. She's more than just a scientist after this point; he's more than just her CO.
  • "Secrets": First hints that the posibility of something more is visible to other people ('cause otherwise Daniel +wouldn't have been so surprised by alt!Sam and alt!Jack in "There But For the Grace of God," even if Daniel is somewhat oblivious).
  • "Seth": The real flirting begins.
  • "A Hundred Days": Sam comes to terms with her feelings for Jack.
  • If they're not having an affair by the time "Small Victories" rolls around, I'll eat Jack's hat.
  • Here it goes AUish: Instead of Sam/Orlin, the leftover spy equiptment catch Sam/Jack, which, until this point, they've managed to hide from everyone.
  • Insert some beaurocratic keeping them apart to explain Jack's relative absense in seasons 6 & 7, with Hammond playing matchmaker to the best of his abilities.
  • Above works fairly well, until "Paradise Lost," during which Sam realizes the true extent of her feelings (ie, crying in locker rooms)
  • They're probably living together by "Fragile Balance," (though she's working at the SGC overnight the night Jack is cloned, so she has no more idea about it than anyone else)
  • Jack has his own "Paradise Lost" moment during "Grace"
  • Since everyone believes Jack's going to die during "The Lost City, Pt I," they get hitched.
  • When he doesn't die, they keep it on the down-low until "Threads," when all their enemies appear to be destroyed
  • Above precipitates Sam being moved out of Jack's CoC, ie, Area 51, and Jack being moved out of the SGC in season 9
  • Here it goes really AU: Jack, not Woolesy, goes to Atlantis in "The Seer"
  • Above leads to Sam's removal from command, partially for given reasons, partically do to something cliche, like her being pregnant

Even worse, I have one for Stargate: Atlantis (McKay/Sheppard) too - though, in my defense, it's much shorter:
  • They probably don't have much more than respect for each other's abilities until "The Storm"/"The Eye"
  • The attraction, at least for Rodney's part, is unnoticed by either party until "The Siege, Part II" - ie, see Rodney when he finds out Elizabeth let John take the nuke on a suicide run
  • I imagine John remains oblivious to his own feelings until at least "The Hive," if not later
  • "The Common Ground" starts the whole I-want-to-get-together-but-how-will-the-other-party-take-it dance
  • They get together, eventually. No earlier than "The Return, Part I" and no later than "Doppleganger"
  • No latter than that because, I mean, John talks a man in killing himself in "Miller's Crossing" for Rodney. That means something, and quite a bit more than deep friendship/respect/attentiveness to duty

And that's all I got so far. But still. That was what I did before coding 7 different ways to grade an online test... seriously. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking, going back to school like this. And then I think degree by July 31 and suddenly things become, well, slightly less grey. Le sigh. Now if only my internet would cooperate more.